Are you checked in at the Taiyuan online celebrity tourist spot?

Have you checked-in at the popular Internet-famous tourist attraction?

Shanxi Sports Center

Located in the south of the Changfeng Business District, with Jin Yang Lake to the west and Fen River to the east, the "Red Lantern" of the Sports Arena faces towards the city center. In the dark night, the "Red Lantern" shines like a pearl, illuminating the entire city.
"Explore Shaanxi for underground cultural relics, and Shanxi for aboveground cultural relics." Shaanxi and Shanxi, located on the two sides of the Yellow River, not only have similar names but are also renowned provinces for cultural relics. With the highest number of "National Heritage Units" in the country, it is nearly impossible to understand all of Shanxi's cultural relics in a short period of time. Therefore, visiting Shanxi Museum and appreciating the rich Shanxi cultural relics offers a valuable tourist experience worth having.
The library in Taiyuan City has 1.4 million physical documents, with over 3000 reading seats available year-round and 24-hour book lending services for readers' convenience. Besides its abundant collection and thoughtful reader services, Taiyuan City Library also has a unique sight to behold. Every morning, readers line up in a queue that stretches for hundreds of meters, braving the weather regardless of the season.

Jinyanghu Park

Since its opening, the sunny beach has become the king of traffic on Douyin, Weibo, and WeChat, rising to become a popular spot for internet celebrities in Taiyuan, attracting residents to come and take photos.
Yingze Park is the largest comprehensive cultural and scenic park in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, China. It covers an area of over 1000 acres, including a 240-acre lake.

Changfeng Business District

The overall terrain of the Changfeng Cultural Business District is in the shape of an inclined "convex" character, unfolding along the west bank of the Fen River. It is 2.8 kilometers long from north to south and 1.5 kilometers wide from east to west, with a total area of 3.06 square kilometers. The overall design of the Changfeng Cultural Business District was completed by the French architectural firm, Xia Bangjie Design Agency, and the individual buildings were designed by famous designers from both domestic and international sources.

Jin Temple

After the upgrade, the Jin Temple has rebuilt the East Garden, the Qian Garden, and the Han Dynasty-style building of Jin Wen Gong Temple. The different styles of the East Garden, Qian Garden, and the magnificent Jin Wen Gong Temple showcase the beauty of traditional culture. Don't miss it if you love ancient architecture.

Sky Dragon Mountain Internet Celebrity Highway

This channel is an important part of the Taiyuan Xishan tourist road, and its striking appearance is called the most beautiful "Internet famous road, internet famous bridge" by netizens.