Recommended self-driving tours around Taiyuan

Translated into English: Recommend four off-the-beaten-path attractions near Taiyuan for a self-driving tour. How about enjoying a relaxing weekend self-driving trip within 1.5 hours?

Loufan County Yunding Mountain

The blue sky is filled with drifting white clouds, and horses run beneath the clouds. This describes the grasslands of Inner Mongolia. We also have a grassland around us, where the animals running beneath the clouds are not horses but yaks! Yunding Mountain in Loufan County is a tourist attraction in Taiyuan City. With an altitude of 2789 meters, it is the highest peak within Taiyuan. It is named for its steep terrain and its peak reaching into the clouds. The mountaintop is flat and broad, covered with unique flowers and grasses, forming a vast grassland. Along the scenic route, you can enjoy the marvelous scenery of pastoral landscapes and spectacular forests, giving you a wonderful experience.

Lingjing Gully

Lingjing Gully is located in Xilingjing Township, Yangqu County, northwest of Taiyuan City. It extends from Lingjing Village in the north to Guankou Village in the south, with high mountains on both sides resembling a gate known as "Tianmen Mountain". It has been a major transportation artery connecting northwest Shanxi with Taiyuan since ancient times. Lingjing Gully is 30 li (about 15 kilometers) long, with winding river channels, rugged mountains, steep cliffs, and peculiar rocks, forming "seventy-two scenic spots". Lingjing Gully Nature Reserve is one of the four major natural reserves in Taiyuan City, with a large area. Among them, Sanlang Cave is its representative. Sanlang Cave refers to the presence of Sanlang Temple here, with some remnants still remaining. The small stream flowing through the mountain gorge next to the temple is very natural and a good place for families to visit and children to play in the water.

Yunzhu Lake

Yushe County Yunzhu Lake is a rare mountain lake in North China, surrounded by mountains and pleasant scenery. The lake twists and turns, with clear blue water, perfect for leisure fishing, enjoying the lake and mountain scenery, and experiencing the charm of water town. The local area has vigorously developed tourism, especially famous for the rural homestays in Xiangyang Village and Yanliang Village. Yanliang Village also has a large area of lotus ponds, giving it the taste of a water town in the Jiangnan area in summer.

Dragon Lake Resort

Located near Caizhuang Village, Nanyanzhu Town, Shouyang County, the lake surface...the small island in the middle of the lake, Wolonggang, is densely covered with pine trees, offering beautiful scenery. The wetland plants on the marshes around the lake flourish, attracting a large number of birds to inhabit and reproduce, presenting a beautiful landscape. Visitors can enjoy fishing by the lakeside, boating on the lake, or resting on the island, which is very enjoyable.