How to choose an island for scuba diving near Bali

Indonesia has more than ten thousand islands, each one unique. In addition to the popular Bali, there are many islands in Indonesia that offer experiences that are not inferior to Bali and even offer better value for money. So, which islands are these hidden gems?


Although there are many beaches around the world, only Lombok has pink sand beaches due to the special red crystal stones in the sand, the lighting during the sunset, and the red coral under the sea, which has turned this ordinary beach into a popular destination for girls. In addition to the pink beach, Lombok is also known for Mount Rinjani, the second tallest volcano in Indonesia, where you can enjoy a stunning starry sky free of light pollution and a slow rising sun amidst the clouds. Lombok also has Sasak villages, where indigenous people live. Even though the world outside is constantly changing, everything here remains as it was in the past, with villagers still weaving fabric on old looms and ancient, well-preserved buildings being the island's biggest gift to residents and tourists.

Gili Islands

The Gili Islands are three small islands between Bali and Lombok, named A Island, T Island, and M Island. Although all three are islands, these brothers have completely different personalities. A Island, also known as Gili Air, is the eldest brother and is well-behaved. On this island, you can only travel by foot or horse-drawn carriage. A Island is still considered undeveloped and is known for its high water visibility, like scattered pearls in the ocean. T Island, also known as Gili Trawangan, is the jolly second brother and famous for its party scene. It hosts big parties at least three times a week and in the daytime, visitors can go snorkeling in the clear blue sea and see turtles if they're lucky. At night, people can enjoy feasts in the island's restaurants. M Island, also known as Gili Meno, is the quiet third brother. It is the smallest of the three islands, and because of this, there are fewer visitors, making it suitable for small couples or honeymooners seeking privacy. M Island has the best water quality among the three islands.

Penida Dive Resort

The best experience on Penny Island, without commercial development, is diving! There are multiple dive spots near the island, and the cool sea water is definitely the best cooling tool in the summer.

Java Paragon Hotel & Residences

Mount Ijen with blue flames, Mount Bromo as one of the three major mountains in Indonesia, Buddhist monument Borobudur, Baluran National Park, largest Hindu temple complex Prambanan, Yogyakarta Palace, and Southeast Asia's largest mosque Istiqlal Mosque.


Menado is certified as one of the world's top five most beautiful and best diving spots by diving organizations. When visiting Menado, diving is a must-try activity, whether you prefer deep diving, snorkeling or certification courses. Other than diving, Menado offers a wide range of attractions, including the eye-opening Tomohon Market, numerous Christian churches, and the Lokon volcano and Lake Tondano. Menado offers experiences equal to those of Bali's volcanoes, culture, and beaches, and even better in some cases.