Shenzhen's landmarks are stunningly beautiful for taking photos

Many modern buildings have become popular tourist attractions in recent years, attracting a large number of people to visit and take photos. These places are not just popular spots, but also architectural masterpieces that are filled with the effort of designers. Hurry up and go take a look!

Contemporary Art and Urban Planning Pavilion

The contemporary art museum architecture is very distinctive. It is worth a visit from every angle, both inside and outside the museum.

Night view of Civic Center

The Civic Center in Shenzhen has a large light show program. You can walk from the Contemporary Art Museum to the Civic Square, and the platform in the middle of the building, which looks like a spreading wings of a Dapeng bird, is the best place to enjoy the night light show, except for Lianhua Mountain. It was already crowded with people by six o'clock.
Shenzhen University is known as one of the top ten most beautiful universities in China. The campus is full of beautiful scenery. In recent years, the newly established Science and Technology Building at the South Campus has become very popular online, attracting many people to come and take photos.

Shenzhen Software Industry Base

There are many strange and modern buildings inside the base. Walking on the base, it feels like traveling in a sci-fi movie.

Hua Art Museum

Hua Museum, resembling a "Water Cube" in appearance and a beehive in biomimetic shape, is also known as the "Honeycomb". The museum is transformed from old factory buildings, with a hexagonal steel structure overlapping glass curtain walls to create an independent external skin on the existing architecture, preserving the history and significance of the past building under its avant-garde appearance.
Shen Ye Shang Cheng is a great place! There is food on the first floor, clothes for sale on the second floor, and photo opportunities on the third floor. Shen Ye Shang Cheng is definitely worth visiting, with many great spots for taking photos. The colorful buildings on the fourth floor remind me of a mini version of Monument Valley, perfect for capturing stunning shots! Put on vibrant solid-colored clothes and go have fun with friends.

Maritime Culture and Arts Center

The World at Sea is a luxury cruise originally built by France, named ANCEVELLER, and was built by the famous French shipyard Chantiers de l'Atlantique. The World at Sea "Minghua Wheel" has a total of 9 floors, mainly operating hotels, large themed bars, and restaurants with world-themed cuisines. The Sea Culture and Art Center serves as a role in spreading culture and information.