Watching fireflies in Sabah mangroves

The island of Borneo in Malaysia is home to vast mangrove forests, thanks to its hot and humid climate and unique terrain. Among them, Sabah, a state in East Malaysia, is known for its abundant mangrove forests, attracting tourists from around the world every year. In addition to witnessing the spectacle of fireflies lighting up the night sky, visitors to Sabah's mangrove forests can also have a close encounter with proboscis monkeys. It is an unforgettable experience that should not be missed during a trip to Sabah.

Kawa Mangrove

Kawa mangrove forest attracts many tourists every day, and it's likely that seats will be fully booked if tickets are purchased on site. It is recommended to book in advance online if traveling with a large group, and a driver will pick up guests from hotels and take them to the pier. If the proboscis monkeys are not visible, telescopes are provided for free use on the boat.

River mangrove

Although developed early, there are still a lot of wild animals to be seen. The monkeys here are very bold and jump directly onto the boats. If there are many people, you can board a large and comfortable boat.

Weston mangrove

The mangrove forest contains various wildlife, such as proboscis monkeys, swamp birds, crocodiles, pythons, and other wild animals.

Menghe mangrove

The Menghe Mangrove Forest, developed in 2017, has relatively good ecological and environmental protection. If you are looking to see fireflies or bring your family with young children, don't miss it.