How to choose a water villa in Sabah?

The vast ocean reveals its enchanting beauty to us, weaving a dream of island paradise. If you're planning a honeymoon or a bikini feast with your girlfriends, overwater bungalows are an essential part of the experience. Imagine whispering sweet nothings to your loved one while strolling amidst the gentle waves. Will your love become even purer in that moment? Now, let me introduce you to a few classic overwater bungalows.

Cabaret resort (sipadan)

The sea around Kapalai Island is crystal clear and translucent, making it a floating paradise on water. Located 50 minutes from Semporna by speedboat, it is one of the many famous diving havens in the world. However, unique Kapalai is not just an island, but is famous for its namesake Kapalai Water Village Resort! It has 51 villa cabins, each of which is a water villa. Here, you can lie on the balcony and watch sea turtles; lie in the star bar and gaze at the starry sky; soak in the bathtub and enjoy the sunset; paddle a canoe in the open sea; and dive into the water to dance with fish - it is a great choice for leisure vacation.

Mada resort

Experience the unique charm of Xianbena at the Motor Jing Coral Resort. Although not purely overwater bungalows, the seaside villas offer excellent views of the sea. The hotel offers a variety of facilities and services to ensure your comfort and relaxation, including accessible facilities, luggage storage, WiFi in public areas, and even hotel/airport transfers. The rooms are beautifully decorated and some even offer air conditioning. In addition to admiring the sea view from your room, you can also enjoy various recreational facilities within the hotel, including a private beach, fishing, diving, spa, and more. Everything you can enjoy on an island vacation is available here.

Mab water resort

If you want to experience a life where you can watch fish jumping in the water, see starfish everywhere, admire the brilliant night sky, and listen to the sound of waves hitting the water houses, then Maubusi Island Water Houses will definitely satisfy you. This island is about 50 minutes by boat from the town of Semporna, and there are various room types to choose from. All the wooden high-pitched houses are built on the sea, with the blue sky above and the green sea below, making it a breathtakingly beautiful water house.

Floating house on penang island

Peng Peng Island is located adjacent to the world-renowned diving destination, Sipadan Island, and is a tranquil paradise island. It is situated northeast of Semporna. The island is absolutely stunning, with crystal-clear waters where one can see fishes and corals underwater. The sea at night is still enchanting under the light. The island is all-inclusive, with meals and accommodation provided. Three square meals are served punctually in the restaurant daily. The island is very safe with police patrols, and they will even escort you if you are out late at night. However, there is no mobile phone signal on the island, and you may rent a mobile WiFi before you go out.