Wudang Temple and Echoing Sand Bay are great places for weekend leisure activities

3 cities | 8 attraction(s) | total distance 304 km
Wudang Monastery, Potala Palace in Tibet, Ta'er Temple in Qinghai, and Gangbuzheng Temple in Gansu are all renowned. It is one of the four famous Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in China and the largest Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Used to the vast grasslands of Inner Mongolia, it is also enjoyable to relax in the desert during leisure time. The Crescent Lake in Echoing-Sand Mountain is connected to the seventh largest desert in China, the Badain Jaran Desert. It is a 5A-level scenic area that integrates photography, recreation, and vacation, providing you with great value for a vacation experience.

Day1: Hohhot > Baotou

6 attraction(s) · 245 km
95 km
20 km
61 km
70 km
2 km

Day2: Baotou > Ordos

2 attraction(s) · 60 km
60 km
Xiangsha Desert

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