3-day self-driving tour around Beijing (Exploring Shanxi with 5,000 years of scenic beauty)

2 cities | 5 attraction(s) | total distance 140 km
"Enjoy Beijing for its 500 years of scenery, explore Shanxi for its 5,000 years of scenery."

Day1: Datong

2 attraction(s) · 38 km
The city wall is grand and towering, solid and steep, with tight defense facilities. It is an integrated ancient military building with distinctive features in the history of China. Due to its crucial role in the northern border defense, it has played an important role in numerous battles. Therefore, it has always been known as the "majestic stronghold" and the "key to the north."
38 km

Day2: Datong

2 attraction(s) · 103 km
Heng Mountain has been listed as a Northern sacred mountain since the Ming dynasty. In the early Qing dynasty, the national sacrificial ceremony for the Northern sacred mountain gradually moved from Quyang, Hebei to Hengshan, Huyuan. The culture of the Five Sacred Mountains has merged with the culture of Hengshan. Taoism originated on Hengshan during the Western Han dynasty and flourished during the Northern Wei dynasty, becoming the holy land of the Quanzhen Taoist sect.
103 km

Day3: Xinzhou

1 attraction(s) · 0 km
"The Record of Famous Mountains" states that "Wutai Mountain has five peaks towering into the clouds, without any trees on the top, resembling a platform made of piled earth, thus named Wutai." Wutai Mountain is a Buddhist holy site where the Qing Temple and Huang Temple coexist, with 86 religious activity venues, including many imperial temples and frequented by many emperors. Among the famous ones are Xiantong Temple, Tower Temple, Pusading, Nanshan Temple, Dailuoding, Jinge Temple, Wanfo Pavilion, and Bishan Temple.