Shing Mun Reservoir, The scenery of the reservoir is nice

Hong Kong Lo Wai Castle Gate Reservoir
The little monkey is very cute.


A reservoir located in the southern part of the New Territories in Hong Kong, construction started in 1923 and it is one of the first water sources to supply water to District One of Hong Kong Island. The natural environment here is beautiful, as you take a leisurely stroll, you can hear the melodious chirping of insects and birds. Along the way, there is a fragrant aroma of flowers and a wide variety of wildlife, making it an excellent choice for hiking. In addition, various butterflies dance here, and numerous migratory birds settle here for the winter, creating a harmonious picture of deep integration between animals and plants. It is a wonderful paradise in the natural world.
Hong Kong Lo Wai Castle Gate Reservoir
As this is a hiking park, it is suggested to start at the entrance of Damaoshan and end at Boluoba in Chengmen Shuitang.