A must-see for foodies, those must-eat food establishments in Kunming

The city of Kunming, which has long been hidden in the snow, actually hides many delicious foods. Today, I will show you a few must-visit eateries.

Small Bridge Tofu Pudding Rice Noodles

The history of this tofu and rice noodle shop can be traced back to before the liberation, and it can be said to have quite a history. The tofu and rice noodles here are very simple, without mixed sauce, no oily meat, pickles, tofu, chili, salt, but the taste is very good.

Wenshan Fresh Lotus House

A decades-old famous brand, all locals eat it, very popular, it is chicken + chicken soup pie. First stir-fry the chicken, then cook the chicken soup, the chicken soup is much more fragrant than the general chicken soup. No matter what you order, it is a spoonful of chicken and a bowl of chicken soup. Local people like it very much, partly because the chicken and chicken soup taste really good, and partly because the rice noodle shop that only makes chicken is more exquisite, and the soup can guarantee a good chicken soup.

Xiao Fan Restaurant

The old brand shop

Duan Shi small pot

This is a century-old brand, open 24 hours a day. Basically, the food is all locals. It still insists that the bait silk is hand-cut until now, so the bait silk has hair mouth, can fully absorb the essence of the ingredients, and taste good! You can also eat it with spicy beef, crispy pickles, and cold lotus root. Remember to have a bowl of bone soup, self-service, unlimited refills.

Red Bean Garden Restaurant

For more than ten years, the brand has been making home-style Yunnan cuisine, with multiple stores in Kunming and super high cost performance. The bait chicken is the treasure of their flagship store, a must-order and must-eat. The bait is glutinous and more addictive than our rice tofu, and the chicken is also generous. Bitter vegetable red bean is also a must-order for regular customers, after all, the name of the store is called 'Red Bean Garden', and every bite is crispy. The meat in their store basically does not exceed 30 yuan.

Aunt Xia's barbecue

Aunt Xia is 72 years old this year and has been selling for more than 20 years. She is still energetic, cooking as usual and personally taking care of everything. It is normal for their family to have a queue, and the barbecue here is basically delicious in every way.