The journey to "Maple" and a list of popular tourist destinations in Benxi, Liaoning

The red leaves intoxicated the autumn colors, the scenery of the four seasons, and my favorite is the autumn red maple leaves. The autumn scenery with layers of trees has a therapeutic effect on me. In addition to familiar maple viewing spots like Fragrant Hill and Kanas, there is actually a "Capital of Chinese Maple Leaves" in the eastern part of Liaoning Province - Benxi. Northeast China not only has snow but also beautiful autumn scenery.

Guanmen Mountain

Guangmen Mountain is known as the "Little Huangshan of Liaodong" and "Scenic South China". The scenic area is famous for its maple leaves, with a variety of maple tree species. It is highly recommended by friends before they even set off. If it's autumn, don't miss Guangmen Mountain. Note: Guangmen Mountain has three main attractions: Forest Park, Reservoir (Hongye Lake, Guanshan Lake), and Grand Canyon. All three attractions have maple leaves, but personally, the autumn scenery in the Forest Park is the best. If time is limited, consider only visiting the Forest Park.

The Benediction Highway

In Benxi City, there is a road called "The Road of Chinese Maple Leaves" on Benhuan Highway. In autumn, it attracts many painters and photographers to capture the scenery. Despite its winding path, you can stop at any time to take pictures of the scenery on both sides. The mountains are covered with colorful and diverse maple leaves, creating a beautiful sight. The Road of Chinese Maple Leaves is a provincial highway that leads eastward, passing through famous artists' villages (Yanghu Gou), old villages (Yanghu Gou), and Laobiangou, which can be reached by self-driving.

Yanghu Valley

Yanghu Gou is located at the intersection of Benxi and Huanren counties and still retains its original secondary forest. According to fellow travelers, before the opening of the Benhuan Highway in 1999, many artists would venture to Yanghu Gou to paint, hence the name "Painter's Village." In autumn, with the wind blowing leaves and the scenic beauty of the trees and mountains, it is truly picturesque.
The colorful flower mountain in the forest, along with the autumn valleys, is a mysterious and colorful paradise on earth. Time should be chosen well, not too early for the maple leaves to turn red, nor too late for them to fall. Different people have different preferences, and I personally prefer Tianmen Mountain while my friends have a special liking for Laogouzi.