How about going mountain climbing together this weekend? Any good places for mountain climbing around Shenyang?

Although the mountainous areas in Liaoning Province are numerous, most of them have steep slopes, dense forests, and abundant water resources, making them ideal choices for short trips of 1 to 2 days. Among them, Shenyang Qipanshan, Dalian Bingyugou, Dandong Fenghuangshan, Qingshangou, and Benxi are famous scenic spots, with many attractions such as Mount Men. Let me show you below.

Salhuhu Scenic Area

Sahelu Scenic Area is a famous tourist destination locally, named after the famous "Battle of Sahelu" in history. In fact, Sahelu Mountain was originally part of Dahua Water Reservoir Scenic Area, located in the southeast corner of the reservoir, backed by Tiebei Mountain and connected to Sahelu Mountain. It is a large natural scenic area in Liaodong. Over the years, the scenic area has been well-maintained, clean, and equipped with complete facilities, which is why I particularly like it and have visited many times in recent years. There are battery-powered cars available within the scenic area, allowing visitors to first visit another entrance and then walk back.

Golden Monkey National Park

Monkey Stone Park is one of my favorite parks. It covers an area of 1935 hectares, and in the center of the park, there is a natural giant rock that resembles a "monkey worshiping the moon", standing on the top of the mountain, hence the name. The park extends from east to west, with a narrow and long valley, featuring mountains and water, suitable for leisure and entertainment. In autumn, you can also see maple leaves. However, in recent years, there have been many tourists and believers who come here to worship, so it is not recommended to visit during holidays.

Jade Dragon Creek Primitive Forest Park

Due to its clear water quality, Yulong Creek flows through the entire scenic area, meandering like a dragon. The ecological environment of the scenic area is well protected, and there are many butterflies by the water. The scenery is beautiful, the mountains are not high, and in spring there are red leaves, pear blossoms, apricot blossoms, and other flowers in bloom, making it a great place for hiking and flower viewing. The staff at the entrance of the scenic spot provide great service, but there are relatively few trash bins on the mountain, so many visitors leave their non-removable garbage bags on the mountain, which is a bit heartbreaking for the environment. At the end of Yulong Creek, there is a suspension bridge with some height difference, which may be a challenge for those who are afraid of heights. After visiting the scenic area, you can choose to take the reverse shuttle bus back to the entrance of the scenic area or walk back along the stream in the other side of the valley. Although walking through the entire forest park doesn't require too much effort, it is still tiring to climb up the stairs to the park entrance.

Nanfen Dadonggou

The Grand Canyon is a key project in Nanfen this year and another remarkable natural landscape for Benxi to create a mountain and water industrial city. The Grand Canyon is divided into two canyons, and there is a sea of clouds in August and September. This year, the glass suspension bridge, with a total length of 369 meters across the canyon, was put into use. Currently, the largest glass bridge in Northeast China will be the biggest highlight of the Grand Canyon. Besides the glass bridge, there are not many things to see in the Grand Canyon, but it is very interesting to walk through the fields along the valley floor.

Faku Wulong Mountain

Wulongshan Scenic Area covers an area of 1548 hectares and is composed of five circular mountains. It was designated as a nature reserve by Shenyang City in 2000. The scenic area is divided into four main sections: Chaoyangdong Scenic Area, Gushan Scenic Area, Farenducheng Scenic Area, and Wanmu Grape Garden Scenic Area. It features ancient apricot trees over 300 years old, primitive and secondary forests over 600 years old, as well as Yuan Dynasty temples and Qita Palace. There is limited online promotion and few tourists visit. "Enjoy the scenery of Wulongshan, enjoy the sweet grapes at the foot of Wulongshan." Every year, the Grape Festival is held at Wulongshan, making it a great place to harvest in autumn.