Check in at the food in Shenyang, these are highly recommended stores!

When it comes to the cuisine of Shenyang, people generally only think of Northeast China, with dishes like Guo Bao Rou and Di San Xian. However, what you don't know is that there are many unique century-old restaurants and street snacks in Shenyang. They can turn everyday dumplings into a refreshing sight, transform street snacks into unheard of delicacies, and combine seemingly simple ingredients in a special way. Let's explore the special culinary delights of Shenyang together and experience a feast for the senses.

Old Border Dumpling House

Dongbei Shuijiao was established in 1928 and is well-known in Shenyang. The shop is decorated with wooden colored chairs and hollowed-out patterns, with accessories using strong Dongbei red or solemn Chinese yellow, simple yet showcasing the charm of Northeast China.

Li Liangui Bacon Pancake Shop

In Shenyang, Li Liangui's smoked meat pancake is still a century-old store, with its shops all over the streets and alleys of Shenyang. The decoration style is also very distinctive, with large red lanterns and Chinese knots as soon as you enter the door, everywhere is blue brick walls, everywhere is antique.

Baofa Garden Famous Cuisine Restaurant

Baofa Garden was established in the second year of Xuantong and is a true hundred-year-old shop. During the period of the Republic of China, because General Zhang Xueliang had tasted four dishes here, including "white cabbage head," "sliced pork in hot garlic sauce," and "yellow cabbage head," and praised them, it was called the "Four Wonders."

Mr. Wang's roasted chicken

The grilled chicken at the shop owned by Lao Wang is scarce, but it is also well-known locally and people around cannot get enough of it. The freshly grilled chicken not only has a shiny skin, but also has less fat with thin skin that even those who don't eat the skin can accept. The ingredients for the grilled chicken are homemade, so it does not cater to the mass taste, but it can still be compatible with it. The most remarkable thing is that even the coarse meat such as chicken legs and chicken breasts can be flavorful without being dry or tough. Drink a can of beer and enjoy a lively conversation!

Majia Chicken Rack

Chicken lovers are in for a treat as there are many ways to enjoy chicken, including delicious fried chicken. Ma's chicken rack is famous for its special chicken rack, and the restaurant has also added other fast food options after renovation and expansion. There are four ways to prepare the chicken rack: roasted, braised, stir-fried, and tossed. The roasted chicken rack is cooked until the bones can be eaten, with a crispy and flavorful skin. The fried chicken rack has a slightly sweet and rich taste, and can also be chosen in a spicy version. The stir-fried chicken rack is similar to Cantonese-style salted stewed chicken. The tossed chicken rack is sour, sweet, refreshing, and not greasy.