Authentic local delicacies in Shanxi, go and have a taste

The Central Plains treasure land, the ancient capital of nine dynasties, the hometown of noodles, the ancient charm and dust of Taiyuan bring you the vicissitudes of history and lingering taste.

Food street

Food Street has a variety of snacks and restaurants, including traditional snacks from Taiyuan and Shanxi, as well as national snacks. There are fewer people opening shop in the morning, but more in the afternoon and evening, with more options available. Food Street is not far from Liuxiang and Gulou Commercial Street, so you can visit them together.

Yang's sausage

Yangji sausage represents the old flavor of the people in Taiyuan. The signature sausage has the characteristic of "not too spicy, not too salty". It goes well with meat patties or guokui.

Hedong Yixiang Ge

Foreigners often come here to taste the delicious Shanxi cuisine. The wind gourd has a crispy outer layer, and the egg custard inside is soft, tender, and sweet. The sour soup pulled noodles are sour and delicious.

Hao just cut sheep offal

It is said to be the most famous lamb soup restaurant in Taiyuan, and there are always people queuing. The lamb soup is rich in flavor, with tender meat and no gamey taste. It makes you sweat and warms your stomach from the tip of your tongue. The service is enthusiastic, but due to the high business volume, it often requires sharing tables.

Taiyuan noodle shop

Taiyuan noodle shop combines the essence of noodles from the whole province, using various techniques such as shaving, slicing, pulling, and rolling to make delicious and tasty noodles. The knife-cut noodles and spicy minced meat noodle soup with various toppings have a unique flavor.


Liú Wèi Zhāi is a time-honored brand in China, founded in the Qing Dynasty. Its braised pork is a traditional Chinese food and a famous delicacy of the Shanxi and Shanxi provinces. It has the characteristics of being fatty but not greasy, lean but not dry, and delicious in taste. In addition, there are also flavor snacks such as lamb kebabs and meatball soup.

Qu Li Hong Chuan Chuan

A popular spicy hot pot restaurant that combines the flavors of Sichuan and Chongqing with the distinctive sesame sauce of northern China.

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