Recommendations for a scenic road trip with fewer tourists for five people

Recommendations for a self-driving trip to a less crowded and beautiful place for five people. It is a hidden gem in China that is perfect for photography. You will definitely love it once you go!

Hubei Enshi Hefeng Pingshan Canyon

Located in Pingshan Village, Rongmei Town, Hefeng County, Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Pingshan is a picturesque place with beautiful scenery. You can enjoy the sight of the gorge, explore the natural oxygen bar, experience the charm of the last chieftain tribe in China, and appreciate the profound local customs and culture. Hefeng Pingshan embodies the civilization of chieftains for nearly a thousand years and the ancient customs of the tribe. Being in the magical and enchanting Pingshan, you will feel like being in a dream, returning to simplicity and authenticity. Pingshan is like an ancient utopia, a "Noah's Ark in the East" and a "Chinese Shangri-La", presenting a magnificent and exquisite picture.

Wenling Shitang Xiaoru Village

Like a dreamy fairytale, with pink, yellow, orange, green and blue, coming here gives a refreshing feeling, like a beautiful dream. The world is pure, like stepping into a colorful palette, yet it is not messy, but rather comfortable. Talking about this ordinary time brings such a novel painting plan, which has changed the small Bamboovillage in the eyes of outsiders, but has not disrupted the usual life of its residents. The simplicity that a fishing village should have still exists, but it has put on a new outfit, a collision of trends and fishermen. This place is also a paradise for photography enthusiasts!

Hebei Tangshan Yue Tuo Island

Due to the increasing number of birds on the island, its isolation, and lack of human development, the scenery is more wild. The terrain of Moon Knoll is relatively open, making it an ideal spot for observing the sun and the moon. Just as the ancient poem says: "In the water, the moon appears at the beginning of the lunar cycle. The sky and water reflect the moon, making it seem connected. At midnight, unaware of the rising moon, half-formed shadows form a half-circle in the sky."

Chengdu Lixian Floating Cloud Pasture

Floating Cloud Ranch is located in Xishan Village, Tonghua Township, Aba County, more than 100 kilometers away from Chengdu. It is not a tourist attraction, but a hotel built in the mountains. It is said that even the name "Floating Cloud Ranch" was given by netizens who visited the place. The spectacular sight of clouds in the mountains changes every day, creating a magical experience. Originally, it was a hidden gem known only to avid travelers, but it suddenly became popular on Douyin (TikTok) this year.

Yushan Island, Ningbo

The first impression of Yushan Island is the refreshing air, which is delightful. The blue sky and sea make the island more beautiful. The island is very primitive, with a small area that can be explored in just over an hour. The night-time sea is known as the blue tears, glowing with a mysterious blue light.

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