5 must-visit places for self-driving in Ya'an

Ya'an is a famous tourist city with 4A-level scenic spots. We recommend some self-driving attractions that are close to Ya'an and have a good reputation, such as Ya'an Lane Bridge, Niubeishan, Bifengxia, Mengdingshan, and Shangli Ancient Town. There are not many worthwhile attractions along the way from Chengdu to Ya'an. The recommended attractions in Ya'an are mostly located in the surrounding areas and not far from the city center of Ya'an. Travelers with time can arrange their visits to the attractions based on their own itineraries and preferences.

Liangqiao Bridge of Ya'an

Also known as Yazu Langqiao, it is named after the ancient name of Yazu in the current city of Ya'an. It is the longest and largest corridor bridge in China and serves as a symbol of the city. Yazu Langqiao is located in the center of the old city cluster in Ya'an, spanning both banks of the Qingyi River. The bridge is 22 meters wide and 240 meters long, with two floors and some areas with three floors of antique-style buildings. Besides serving as a pedestrian bridge, the bottom floor also provides a considerable commercial area, while the second and third floors have various functions such as restaurants, teahouses, exhibitions, and outdoor viewing areas. The total area of the Yazu Langqiao is 9,028 square meters, suitable for catering, tea houses, and other commercial operations, with complete water, electricity, and gas infrastructure. It will also have exhibition halls showcasing urban construction, water and electricity, history and culture, and tourism, fully displaying the local customs and culture of Ya'an.


Niubeishan is about 150 kilometers away from Ya'an. From Ya'an to Luding in Gangu Valley, then from Lengqi Town to Niubeishan. The best seasons to appreciate Niubeishan are April, May, September, and October. Although occasional storms may occur, the breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains, sea of clouds, sunrise, sunset, golden mountains, buddha light, starry sky, and flower fields will never disappoint you. The mountain road is rugged and the scenery is magnificent, making it an ideal destination for both hiking enthusiasts and photography enthusiasts. The majestic snow-capped mountains, sea of clouds, and buddha light will be displayed before your eyes, and you can only truly experience such unparalleled scenery by being there in person. It is the perfect place to capture stunning landscapes, almost without the need for post-processing and filters. Just press the shutter button, and a magnificent landscape photo is completed.


Elevation: 700-1971 meters Duration: 2 days Best season: Spring, Summer, Autumn Best time: Early morning Accommodation price: Tent, guesthouse Transportation: Self-driving, hiking, car rental Scenic features: Lush forests, numerous waterfalls, a great place for summer vacations, and a panda base. Located approximately 14 kilometers from Ya'an, it takes about 30 minutes to drive there.

Mengdingshan Town

The birthplace of world tea culture, with over 2200 years old ancient ginkgo trees, Mount Mengding is located 15 kilometers away from Ya'an. The main activity in Mount Mengding is hiking, it takes about 40 minutes to climb to Tiangai Temple, which can exercise and cultivate the body and mind. Mount Mengding is the birthplace of world tea culture, and you must try a cup of tea at Tiangai Temple. Chatting and drinking tea under the thousand-year-old ginkgo tree is a unique pleasure. Visitors interested in history can visit the Red Army Memorial Museum.
Shangli Ancient Town is located in Yucheng District, Ya'an City. The town is surrounded by mountains and water, and tourists can enjoy many hanging-style buildings with Ming and Qing styles that have been preserved until today. The old town is not big, and visitors can slow down and slowly taste the charm of the old town. Strolling in the old town, you can go and experience the layout of the "well" shape (meaning "water in the well" to prevent fire hazards). The old town is surrounded by flowing water, facing fields and small hills, and is set off by ancient trees, bamboo groves, streams, and ancient bridges, just like a pastoral landscape painting, which is very suitable for taking photos and scenery.