The most complete guide to internet-famous tourist spots in Bali

For internet-famous individuals who love taking photos, Bali is a place where "artworks" are frequently produced. There are too many natural wonders and internet-famous hotels worth exploring and discovering, including jungles, waterfalls, cliff hotels, and mist-covered volcanoes. I will help you organize all the internet-famous tourist spots and take your camera with me on this journey.

Tiltagonga (Water Palace)

A small street photography paradise that has become popular on Instagram. Surrounded by a pond full of koi fish, stand on a stone pillar wearing an ethereal long dress in an ancient Royal garden in Indonesia. Throw some fish feed, and there will be countless koi fish surrounding you, turning you into a koi fairy.

Art Market

The must-visit shopping destination in Bali is the art market, where you can find street style and boutique souvenirs! This is the oldest art market in Bali, known locally as "pasar sani ubud", located across from Ubud Palace. It's a great place to visit after checking out the palace. It's also a filming location for the movie Eat Pray Love. The traditional Ubud market is filled with various vendors selling silverware, batik, wood carvings, leather goods, and souvenirs. The woven bags and dream catchers are especially beautiful! The products are beautifully arranged, making it a great place for taking photos!

Twin Falls

This is a double waterfall, and a thrilling jungle trekking adventure awaits after driving to the destination. You need to climb stairs to reach the waterfall while enjoying the sceneries along the way. When you arrive at the edge of the waterfall pool, you'll see that all the hardships along the way are worthwhile. This place is really like a fairyland, and it is recommended to wear bright-colored skirts or swimsuits to take photos here to make you look more lovely.

Cliff swing

Jungle swing, everyone on Instagram is crazy about it~ There is also a giant bird's nest on the tree, sitting with your loved ones in such a warm and sweet love nest, romantic and sweet~ Admission to the park costs $4, and an additional $20 is required to play.

Fairy Beach

The most worthy viewing point in Bali! Located on the island of Nusa Penida in Bali. Many internet celebrities have already gone to take pictures here on Instagram. It's similar to the sunken ship bay in Greece, but I think it looks more like a cute little dinosaur opening its mouth haha~ The scenery here is really breathtaking, and it is said that Apple's wallpaper was taken here. Even if you're a beginner, any photo you take would look like a masterpiece. The seawater is crystal clear and blue, and the sand is fine and white. This is probably what people mean when they say it's heaven on earth~

Celestial bath

360-degree no dead angle internet celebrity photo spot! The boundless swimming pool created by nature is only separated from the sea by a thin line. The sea water inside the pool is turquoise and clear, while outside the pool is the vast and boundless sea, providing travelers with a 360-degree no dead angle internet celebrity photo spot.

Komodo Island

Dreamy pink beach with a girly heart~ Besides the pink beach that's bursting with girly energy, the world's largest lizard, commonly known as the Komodo dragon, also inhabits here. BBC, National Geographic, and Animal Planet have all filmed the Komodo dragon here, and you might just accidentally feel like you've traveled to "Jurassic Park".

Gili Air

High cost-effective version of "Little Maldives", where the sea water has distinct color layers, and coral and fish schools are just a few meters away from the shore, perfect for snorkeling anytime! The iconic sea swing is a popular spot for taking silhouette photos during sunset, creating a super romantic atmosphere~
Pura Lempuyang Luhur is a Hindu temple located on the slopes of Mount Lempuyang in the Karangasem regency of northeast Bali, Indonesia. Due to its popular name "The Door of Sky," it has become a highly visited destination, but it is not included in popular tourist routes. If one wishes to pilgrimage to the top of the mountain like ancient Hindu worshippers, they must climb 1700 steps from the base. The temple does not collect an admission fee but accepts donations, and the temple attendant at the ticket booth will provide visitors with a sarong. This temple sees very few visitors, and access to the six-tiered shrine inside is only available during the temple festival. Once one reaches the summit, they can witness the vast expanse of The Door of Sky, facing the Agung volcano across from it, and the Besakih Temple situated at the peak of the mountain halfway down. This stunning sight will leave visitors in awe.

Residence Inn by Marriott Durham Duke University Medical Center Area

A simple and rustic village, with a tranquil environment, puts to shame the crowds at the Huangguoshu Waterfall.
Tegalalang Rice Terraces are a natural landscape in Bali, located north of Ubud. The coconut groves and terraced fields create a unique and picturesque scenery. Along the way, visitors can stop by small shops selling Balinese handicrafts to purchase souvenirs and gifts. The best views of Tegalalang Rice Terraces are spread along a one-kilometer roadside, where there are many specially built scenic restaurants and tea houses. Travelers can enjoy Indonesian cuisine and admire the beauty of the terraced fields at these unique dining spots.

Melasti Beach Resort & Spa

At the southernmost point of Bali lies a natural dam that serves as the end of the island. The dam, which extends to the sea surface, and the surrounding beach are not only excellent locations for geography check-ins and photos, but also provide ample space for travel enthusiasts who love aerial photography.

Shattered Beach

Nowadays, there are not many natural arches remaining in the world's oceans, and this is one of them. Formed by volcanic crustal movement, this wonder has formed a natural seawater entrance and exit at the edge of the cliff, resembling an arch.
Crescent-shaped clear beaches, famous diving spots! Every year from July to September, divers come here, and there is a chance to see the deep-sea monster, the sunfish.