Yunnan specialty souvenirs

Yunnan's unique specialties, which cannot be found elsewhere, are suitable for personal use or as gifts. Each one is a precious gift from Xishuangbanna.

Qing Feng Xiang

Walking into the tea estate, the first thing that catches our eyes is a set of sculptures depicting tea transportation along the ancient Tea Horse Road. It tells the ancient history of Qingfengxiang. The tea inside is quite expensive, but it's also great to explore the exhibition and learn about tea selection and tasting.

Xuanwei Laopu Family Ham

The Laopu family's ham is truly authentic Xuanwei ham, it is said to be passed down from General Pu Zaiting, the father-in-law of Deng Xiaoping, and its taste, fragrance, and color are indeed different from other hams.

JOY BAKERY (Nanping Street)

The famous flower cake shop in Kunming. The most distinctive feature is the flower cake, which tastes good. You can really taste the rose petals in the rose cake.

Jingxing Flower and Bird Jewelry Market

Mottled copper, batik; Mottled copper is gorgeous and mottled, and batik has an elegant color tone.

Daxing Supermarket

Small grain coffee; In the rich and mellow coffee, there is a unique sweet aftertaste.

Cunjia Yuehui Silverware (Taoyuan Village Store)

Silver; a symbol of wealth, with various silver crafts made of pure silver.

Mosuo hand-woven scarf.

Shawl; hand-woven with fine cotton or silk, bright colors.