Hidden in plain sight, counting Hong Kong's unique shopping districts one by one

There are several unique shopping streets in Hong Kong, offering a wide range of products from antiques, toys, dried seafood, electronics, clothing, hats, and shoes, to flowers, insects, and fish. If you have time, it's worth visiting them.

Moro Street

Hidden in the ring are Molo Street, Mao Zedong badges, ancient snuff bottles, childhood toys, ethnic jewelry, etc., which should all be favorites of mischievous cats.

Liyuan East Street

Liyuan East Street and Liyuan West Street in Central are like Ladies' Market in Mong Kok, with rows of stalls and small shops selling cheap men's and women's clothing, children's clothing, shoes, leather bags, and some daily necessities; turning left from Des Voeux Road West to Ko Shing Street, you will smell a faint Chinese medicine aroma. This is the over 100-year-old Chinese medicine street and wholesale center of Chinese medicinal materials in Hong Kong.

Taiyuan Street

Wan Chai has a popular toy street for children called Tai Yuen Street. It has toy stores that have been in business for decades, shops trading antique toys, and stores with different toy themes. During festivals, the toy shops and stalls on Tai Yuen Street hang various festive merchandise in front of their stores.
Carnarvon Road in Tsim Sha Tsui is worth mentioning. It is a shopping street for young people, adjacent to the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Many young fashionistas love to come here to find inexpensive and trendy clothing. The clothing stores on both sides of Carnarvon Road include local Hong Kong brands' girls' clothing stores, small shops selling cute accessories, ready-to-wear stores for wholesale clothing, cosmetics specialty stores, and so on. They all have affordable prices and a wide variety of styles.
Fa Yuen Street (Goldfish Street) in Mong Kok is known for its numerous aquarium and pet shops. It also has several unique shops that sell insects and reptiles. Fa Yuen Street, located between Yau Kwa Tei Road and Dundas Street, is well-known as Ladies' Street, offering not only women's clothing but also men's clothing, leather goods, jewelry, toys, cosmetics, and even household items. With a wide variety of styles and affordable prices, it is a popular destination for budget-conscious shoppers looking for cheap clothing and souvenirs.
You can buy a variety of electronic parts, wires, batteries, connectors, transformers, computer hardware, and telecommunications equipment on Yap Chau Street in Sham Shui Po.