How to play in Kunming when taking children? Here are some places for your reference

Immerse yourself and your child in the embrace of Kunming, and let them use their vision, taste, smell, touch, and senses to delicately savor Kunming and fill their hearts with joy!

Cui Hu

Once a bay in Dianchi Lake, it became a clear lake due to the decline in water level. It is one of the most beautiful parks in the city and is known as the "beautiful jade in the city". Ruantai and Tangti divide Cuilake into five scenic areas. The park also has other attractions such as Jingwutang that can be visited. Every winter, thousands of northern red-billed seagulls fly to Cuilake, playing and fighting for food, adding infinite charm to the lake.
Also known as Yuantong Mountain Zoo, it is the park with the richest and most diverse attractions in Kunming city, attracting the most visitors. The park is home to rare animals in China such as the Xishuangbanna wild buffalo, Mengla tiger, and peacocks, as well as giant pandas, northeastern tigers, red-crowned cranes, and other rare animals. The park also boasts a variety of plants including cherry blossoms, crabapples, plums, apricots, orchids, pine, cypress, and bamboo, with the cherry blossoms being the most worth seeing.

Feeding seagulls in Daguan Park

Daguan Park is located on the north side of Dianchi Lake, and it is a beautiful park with lush vegetation and elegant pavilions. There are several scenic areas within the park, such as Jinhua and Daguan Tower. Built along the water, the park features lake embankments, lotus ponds, and exquisite pavilions and towers, creating a harmonious and elegant atmosphere. The Daguan Tower, built during the Kangxi period, offers a panoramic view of Xishan Mountain and Dianchi Lake, and was once recognized as one of the ten famous ancient towers. During festivals, the park often holds celebrations and traditional lantern festivals, attracting a continuous stream of visitors and creating a lively atmosphere.

Sun exposure in army lecture hall

The site of the Former Yunnan Military Academy is located on Cuihu West Road in the city of Kunming, adjacent to Cuihu Park and Yunnan University. Visitors usually visit these three places together. The Military Academy was established in 1909 and was initially known as one of the three major military academies in the country. Prominent military and revolutionary figures such as Zhu De and Ye Jianying were students here. The architecture of the old site is currently well-preserved, featuring a elegant yellow building in the style of the Republic of China. It looks very beautiful for taking photos when the sun is shining. The interior of the building is open to the public as an exhibition hall, showcasing the original lecture hall, armory, and a long-term exhibition on the history of the Military Academy, the 99 Uprising, and the National Protection Movement.

Picking up maple leaves in Kunming Botanical Garden

The Kunming Botanical Garden was established in 1938. It is a comprehensive botanical garden with functions of scientific research, popular science, tourism, and teaching practice, and has obvious regional characteristics. It is the largest subtropical plant diversity and germplasm resource research base in the southwest region of China, as well as the introduction and cultivation center for camellia, magnolia, and begonia plants. There is a Maple Avenue in the Kunming Botanical Garden, with maple trees planted on both sides. These maple trees have been growing for many years and have grown very tall.

Visit the golden palace and enjoy tea flowers in Wu Sangui's former residence

Jin Dian Park, named after its brass main hall which shines brightly under the sunlight, is also known as the Copper Tile Temple. The renowned Jin Dian is a part of the Taoist Taihe Palace and was first built in the Ming Dynasty (1602), making it one of the four largest brass halls in China and has the best preservation. In the 10th year of the Kangxi reign (1671), the temple was renovated by Wu Sangui, the Prince of Pingxi. The Jin Dian boasts a graceful natural landscape, with small paths winding through lush forests and trees that darken the sky, occasionally punctuated by the songs of birds, embodying the essence of Taoist culture. In early spring, the "Jin Dian Exposition Garden" in the scenic area is filled with blooming camellias, creating a breathtaking scene of vibrant red blossoms.


Haigeng Park is located on the east coast of Dianchi Lake and is a beautiful park and the main attraction of Dianchi Lake. Haigeng refers to a long embankment that extends into Dianchi Lake, dividing it into two lakes. It is a great place to visit and explore the lake. The park is surrounded by green trees and features orange-colored walkways and brightly colored sculptures, creating a fresh and beautiful environment. Every winter, Dianchi Lake becomes a paradise for red-billed seagulls, and bird feeding and bird watching in the park are popular activities.