Guiding Hall, The cable car is spacious

The Reception Hall is the only way to the upper Golden Peak.
Become one of the main temples in the mountains.
There is accommodation available in the temple.


Below Qili Slope, there is a building called Jieyin Hall, which was originally a place for pilgrims to stay and eat. On one side of the hall, there is a cable car that can take you directly to Jinding. If you want to go to Jinding, you will definitely pass by Jieyin Hall. In addition, Jieyin Hall is also the place to buy cable car tickets. It should be noted that the ticket office and the entrance for the cable car inside the hall are not in the same place. Please carefully distinguish when queuing to avoid mistakes.
Opening hours
08:00-17:00 (Mon-Sun, Jan 1-Dec 31)
External transportation to Mount Emei: [Transportation within the scenic area] Walking: From Leidongping to Jieyindian, there are two paths for a 1.5 km walk. One is the main road on the right which can be reached by car, and the other is the winding mountain path on the left, commonly known as "eighty-four bends". Cable car: Jinding cable car (Jieyindian-Jinding), 65 yuan/person for uphill during peak season and 55 yuan/person for downhill, 30 yuan/person for uphill and 20 yuan/person for downhill during off-season (operates from 6:00 to 18:00).