Longtan Park, A very beautiful city park

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The scenery is incredibly beautiful.
The ticket price for this terrible park is ridiculously high.
Fresh air


Longtan Park covers an area of approximately 544 hectares and is located in the south of Liuzhou, only about three kilometers from the city center. The park not only enjoys the natural landscape of karst landforms but also retains strong cultural elements of the ethnic minorities in southern China, as well as various elements such as sub-tropical karst plant research, science education, and landscape. The park is magnificent and surrounded by mountains, forming a unique natural barrier. Here, visitors can see 24 different shaped mountains such as Wohu Mountain, Meinv Peak, and Kongque Mountain, which are located between lakes and three pools. Among them, there is a clear spring between the two mountains of Lei and Long, which flows through the underground river and connects with the nearby Lei Lake. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful scenery around the park while swimming in the gentle flowing waters.
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Opening hours
06:30-22:00 (Monday-Sunday from January 1 to December 31) Note: Specific opening hours may vary depending on the scenic area.
Take bus route 19 to Longtan Park (bus stop), and it is within walking distance.