The best route for a self-driving tour of the Li River in Guilin

1 cities | 3 attraction(s) | total distance 63 km
The Li River is a sparkling pearl in the picturesque landscape of China and the essence of Guilin. The section from Yangdi to Xingping, 24 kilometers long, is the most concentrated and beautiful part of the Li River scenery, known as the essence of the Li River. This section of the Li River is like a green silk ribbon winding between numerous peaks, with peculiar peaks and verdant water, sheer cliffs and hanging rivers, and green mountains floating in the water. The scenery is picturesque, just like a painting of a hundred miles.

Day1: Guilin

2 attraction(s) · 63 km
The beauty of Li River lies in its water. Drifting along Li River, looking at the vast river surface, the bamboo rafts gently stir up ripples. Without the vastness of the sea nor the stillness of the lake, it perfectly embodies a sense of peace and harmony. She is so quiet that you wouldn't even feel her flow if you weren't on the bamboo raft. She is so gentle, with Li River water slowly flowing through the mountains in a tender way, not winding like a stream, but extending far into the distance at a glance. She is so kind that as you touch her face with your hand, she touches your heart.
63 km

Day2: Guilin

1 attraction(s) · 0 km
The beauty of Li River lies also in its mountains. The unique karst landform has created high mountains on both sides of Li River. When we say high mountains, it is actually an exaggeration. The mountains on both sides of Li River are elegant and tall, forming patches but not continuous ups and downs, as if each one is guarding the water of Li River like a strong man. They are not majestic, but they are also powerful; not towering into the clouds, but they are also high and immeasurable. There are no inhabitants in the mountains, because their straight bodies make it impossible for humans to find a loophole. Strange rocks, exotic flowers, and unusual trees are scattered in the mountains, with no rules but not disorderly, forming abstract paintings of unlimited imagination.