Visiting World Heritage buildings in the UK

When traveling in the UK, you will personally experience the unique cultural atmosphere, feel the beauty of famous landmarks, and discover various hidden treasures. Today, the rich and diverse historical heritage of the UK is distributed everywhere, with Stonehenge in the south, the Cotswolds in the north, and in between, there are Hadrian's Wall, Canterbury Cathedral, Caernarfon Castle and the Tower of London... Here, we take you on a journey through the World Heritage Sites of the UK, to experience the unique British atmosphere of Great Britain.

Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian's Wall is an ancient border defense line built by the Roman Empire during the occupation of Britain, connecting Carlisle and Newcastle in northern England. It is about 73 miles (117.5 kilometers) long and includes buildings such as walls, watchtowers, fortresses, and castles. Although Hadrian's Wall is not very high or wide, it fully represents the defensive system of the Roman Empire and became one of the most important defensive lines at that time. Today, Hadrian's Wall has become a witness to British historical culture and attracts tourists from all over the world for sightseeing and tours.

Greenwich Royal Observatory

The Royal Observatory Greenwich is a historic observatory located in southeast London. It dates back to 1675 and is one of the oldest astronomical observing stations in the world. Visitors can explore many astronomical instruments, telescopes, and stamp exhibits at the Royal Observatory Greenwich to learn about the history and development of astronomical observation. In addition, there is an astronomy museum showcasing many interesting astronomy knowledge and exhibits, including universe models, planet models, and more, allowing visitors to truly experience the charm of science and wonders, which is well worth a visit.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is located in the city center of Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, and is one of the most historically and culturally significant buildings in Scotland. In addition to displaying artifacts, Edinburgh Castle has many other attractions for visitors to admire. Visitors can visit buildings such as fortresses, palaces, prisons, and barracks, which are full of historical and mysterious atmosphere. In addition, visitors can also enjoy the magnificent view of Edinburgh Castle, overlooking the beautiful scenery of the entire city from the castle, experiencing the charm of Scottish tradition and culture.

Conway Castle

Conwy Castle is a castle located in northern Wales, built in the 13th century. It is one of the most important medieval castles in Britain. Its unique architecture and design consist of a large triangular castle and a 125-foot tall castle wall, offering beautiful views of the river and the sea, especially from the top of the castle overlooking Conwy Bay. The castle has complete walls and battlements, with beautiful reliefs and sculptures embellishing its historically rich courtyards and buildings. It is an ideal destination for exploring medieval history and admiring magnificent scenery.

Fuso Bridge

The Forth Bridge is a railway bridge that spans the Firth of Forth, located about 14 miles (23 km) north of Edinburgh in Scotland. It consists of three large railway bridges, all designed in the style of railway suspension bridges, with tower heights of 110 meters, surpassing the height of the Big Ben in the UK which was cast. It is a world-renowned engineering marvel and also one of the symbols of Scotland. You can take a train or car from Edinburgh or Glasgow to the Forth Bridge, and also enjoy beautiful views of the bridge and the surrounding scenery from the observation deck on the bridge. It's a wonderful experience to appreciate the beauty of this amazing architectural structure.