No, I have not traveled to any of the six lesser-known scenic spots in Hunan while driving within the province

When it comes to tourism in Hunan, people often think of attractions such as Zhangjiajie, Fenghuang Ancient Town, Yuelu Mountain, Shaoshan, and Hengshan. These popular attractions attract many visitors throughout the year. However, more and more people are now preferring to visit lesser-known places with fewer crowds and beautiful scenery. Here are 6 hidden gems that are worth a visit. If you have been to 3 of them, you win!

Changsha Dawei Mountain

Dawei Mountain has an altitude of over 1000 meters and is a great place for summer vacation. In May every year, when the azaleas are in full bloom, different types of azaleas cover the mountainside, creating a dazzling and breathtaking sight. In addition to the sea of azaleas, Dawei Mountain also has a bamboo forest, with over 600 hectares of bamboo forming a bamboo ocean. With mountains, rivers, and stones, it embraces visitors with tenderness, evoking endless imagination.

Xiangxi Wulong Mountain

Located in the western part of Hunan province, Wulongshan Grand Canyon is a deep gorge nestled in the mountains. It remains largely unspoiled and retains its original natural beauty without excessive development or commercialization. The scenic area is characterized by its unique combination of mountains, valleys, water, rocks, and caves. It also showcases the mysterious charm of the Xiangxi region through the cultural heritage of the Tujia ethnic group and other minority cultures.

Chenzhou Gaoyiling

This is a rare geological landscape scenic area with mountains, water, caves, springs, cliffs, and villages. The exposed sandstone and some low vegetation give people a shocking feeling. The deep pool is emerald green, the mountains are winding, and standing at a high place, it is like a turtle or a dolphin. In the tranquil and magnificent beauty, you will marvel at the marvelous work of nature.

Shaoyang Baishui Cave

Baishui Cave is located in Xinshao County, Shaoyang. It is a 10-kilometer-long canyon. The scenic area is filled with wildflowers, flowing springs, beautiful mountains, and unique scenery. The underground cave is mysterious and unfathomable, and the narrow canyon merges with the lake and mountains, creating a perilous and breathtaking sight. Baishui Cave is relatively remote and has fewer visitors. It has not been overly developed and could use improvement in its infrastructure.

Xiangxi Tea Village

It has gained some fame due to Shen Congwen's "Border Town". Tea Mound Ancient Town is very close to Huayuan County, and the highway is very convenient. There are not many visitors in the small town. The buildings with unique regional styles are arranged neatly along the parallel old streets, giving the feeling of truly entering the "Border Town".

Lou Di Zi Que Jie Terrace Field

The terraced field farming culture here has a history of more than 2000 years. The terraced fields are not well-known, but the scenery is very beautiful. Because the observation decks are far apart, it is advantageous to drive here and visit all the observation decks in the morning, savoring the scenery from multiple angles. The local people are very concerned about the protection of the terraced fields, always preserving the original way of farming. The beauty of the terraced fields showcases the original beauty. When there is fog, the mountains, terraced fields, forests, and houses blend in harmoniously, creating a harmonious and beautiful place.