Dandong - Popular Tourist Attractions for Check-ins

Dandong has rich tourism resources, with developed natural landscapes such as rivers, lakes, mountains, springs, forests, and islands. There are 24 national and provincial-level scenic spots and nature reserves. The Yalu River, the border river between China and North Korea, flows through Dandong for 210 kilometers, forming a unique and spectacular border scenery with 6 major scenic areas and over 100 attractions. Dandong is also famous for its abundant geothermal resources and is known as the "capital of hot springs in China".

The Museum of the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea is located on the English Mount in the northern part of Dandong City. It was built in 1958 as the headquarters of the Chinese People's Volunteer Army. The museum consists of exhibition halls, panoramic galleries, and a memorial tower, showcasing the history of the war from various aspects. Visitors can learn about the deeds of the heroic fighters, see a large number of weapons and wartime daily supplies, and experience the immersive 360-degree panoramic paintings that recreate the battlefield scenes, which are quite shocking.

Green River Village

Located in Zhenjiang Town, Kuandian Manchu Autonomous County, Dandong City, Green River Village is situated on a peninsula formed by the beautiful Yalu River, facing North Korea across the river. With picturesque scenery, a simple folk culture, and a spring-like climate all year round, Green River Village retains its original appearance and is an ideal place for people to get close to nature and return to nature. In May and June, the village is covered with blooming rapeseed flowers, attracting numerous tourists to come and enjoy the beauty.

Qingshan Valley

Green River Village, located in Zhenjiang Town, Kuandian Manchu Autonomous County, Dandong City, faces North Korea across the river. The beautiful Yalu River winds through the village, forming a peninsula. The scenery there is beautiful, the people are simple, and it maintains its original appearance throughout the year, making it an ideal place for people to get close to nature and return to nature. From May to June, rapeseed flowers bloom here, attracting numerous tourists to come and admire the flowers. Qingshan Gou, as its name suggests, is surrounded by green mountains and green waters, with fresh air. The eye-catching scenery is like a newly colored watercolor painting, immediately relaxing tired eyes and tense nerves.
Some people say that Jiucaigou is the Thousand Islands Lake of the North. The small islands on the Yaluzi River really resemble the Thousand Islands Lake. Standing tall, you can look through the dense branches and leaves at Xiaoconggou, the blue sky, distant mountains, and small islands... When a faint mist fills the air, it becomes a clear blue, very beautiful!
In summer, soaking in hot springs opens up the pores and releases body heat. Repeatedly soaking in hot springs can relieve the body's stuffiness. Wulongbei Hot Springs are said to originate from pure water dating back to the Tang Dynasty. Hot springs are mostly found in beautiful landscapes with abundant vegetation, making them perfect for summer leisure. Soak in the hot springs, bathe in the mountain breeze, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. This summer will definitely be refreshingly cool.