Owe you a feast of fat scallops - Dandong food guide

Dandong, it should be said that it is the favorite place for Northeasterners to eat seafood! Although there is nothing worth appreciating in the sea, the seafood is definitely top-notch! The Yalu River, which flows into the Yellow Sea, nurtures delicious razor clams and horseshoe crabs... just thinking about them feels great!

Fengwei Seafood Restaurant

Seafood is great! You need to wait for your table here. Water boiled yellow cockles, tossed snails, stir-fried octopus with sauce, stir-fried leeks with fork... Every dish is praiseworthy, especially the tomato seafood soup, it's amazing!

Fat Fei barbecue and stomach hot pot

Recommended by "Life on a Skewer". It's really popular! I arrived around 7 PM, but there were no available seats, had to wait for one. It's truly a unique restaurant. The specialty of the barbecue restaurant is that the owner prepares the ingredients for you, and you grill them yourself!

North Latitude 40° Seafood Shop

The crabs are quite big, currently on sale, but we won't give you ones that are particularly lively. They are reasonably fresh. The flounder is delicious and also their specialty!

Donggang Yellow Sea wholesale seafood market

Wholesale seafood in Dandong is ideal for purchasing and then having it processed in nearby restaurants.

Roasted Pancake Shop

A distinctive breakfast, Diǎo Lú bǐng is a specialty of Dāndōng, the pancake is crispy and fragrant! Diǎo Lú bǐng is usually served with a bowl of tofu soup, pure tofu without meatballs! A diet recipe, haha.