Top 6 high-value-for-money restaurants in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is home to many world-renowned high-end restaurants, offering cuisine from all over the world. However, there are also many high-value-for-money restaurants that can save you some money.

Lis district is home to a very famous South American-flavored restaurant that specializes in Mexican fast food. It is especially suitable for students and office workers who are pressed for time during the exam season. Their Haggis burritos are highly recommended.
A famous Thai restaurant in Edinburgh, with stylish wooden benches and delicious street snacks that make people salivate. The prices are reasonable and the portions are generous, with good taste in both noodles and soup.

Bread Meats Bread

A restaurant specially designed for burger lovers. This Glasgow-based burger chain opened its new store on Lothian Road in Edinburgh last year, and the taste will definitely not disappoint.
The biggest feature of this noodle restaurant is the option to choose your own ingredients, including vegetables, meat, type of noodles and sauces. It's all up to you!
Just listening to the name of this place is enough to feel healed. The shop specializes in serving some home-style snacks, which makes you feel at home even if you are in Edinburgh.
Bar Soba's delicious specialty snacks can give you the feeling of backpacking in Southeast Asia, it's so authentic. We recommend their £3.50 Apple and Ginger Mojitos.