Discovering the flavors of Inner Mongolia (Part 1)

What comes to mind when you think of Inner Mongolia? Vast grasslands, galloping horses, and simple folk customs have shaped this mysterious and beautiful land. Due to its close proximity to Mongolia, Inner Mongolia has inherited and been influenced by Mongolian cuisine and culture. Mongolian cuisine is known for its robust flavors and mainly consists of ingredients such as lamb, milk, wild vegetables, and noodles. It emphasizes abundance and authenticity of ingredients, setting it apart from others.

Erdun traditional hot pot

The name of this restaurant is "Erdun", which means "treasure" in Chinese. People often say that Japanese ingredients require natural color, delicious taste, and diverse shapes. I didn't know there was such a tradition. The hot pot itself is amazing, with a beautiful and heartwarming dome-shaped shell made of cloisonné, with a raised part in the middle to protect it from being scalded. The sauce next to it is so rich in color and flavor, it's almost like a work of art.

McDonald's Village

Mai Xiang Village's "Shao Mai" is famous far and wide. The term "Shao Mai" was originally written as "Shao Mei" in the Ming Dynasty. Now it is also called "Shao Mai" or "Shao Mai". The reason for coming specifically to eat Shao Mei is because it is one of the finest dishes selected and preserved from over 10,000 varieties of dishes during the 80 years of development in Mai Xiang Village, alongside traditional Inner Mongolian dishes such as steamed lamb, grilled meat strips, and barbecue.

Fraudulent Horse Banquet

The real highlight here is the Zhamayan feast. Zhamayan refers to the skinned and prepared livestock, typically cows or sheep, that are cooked and presented on a feast after removing the viscera and boiling off the hair with hot water. Zhamayan feast is a unique celebration feast among the Mongolian ethnic group.

Nine-City Palace

The experience at Jiucheng Palace was amazing. As soon as you enter, you can climb onto the kang bed, and it's so warm. There were various dishes with names I had never heard of before: red-braised meatballs, braised pork strips, Shaanxi-style grated potatoes, Shaanxi-style stewed lamb... I couldn't resist using my chopsticks.