Come and check in! Shanxi's top ten "high-altitude scenic spots"

The most attractive place for anyone who enjoys challenging themselves is a place full of excitement and thrill.

Suspension Village

"Cliff walkway" is a term you may not feel much about, after all, many mountain scenic areas have similar walkways. However, this ancient path in Ningwu has three unique features: hanging, low, and ancient! The countryside is beautiful, with picturesque mountains and rivers, and breathtaking scenery. The roads on both sides soar into the clouds, and the green forests reach up to the sky.

The Glass Skywalk in Shen Tan Grand Canyon

Shen Tan Grand Canyon Skywalk is built on the western side of Shen Tan Grand Canyon, 700 meters above the bottom. It spans a total length of 2016 meters, with a glass-bottom section of 158.6 meters. It consists of a mountain-style boardwalk, platform-style observation deck, glass-bottom section, and high-altitude boardwalk scenic area, providing thrilling experiences for visitors.

Tianji Mountain Cloud Cliff Plank Road

The Yunya Cliff Walk in the tourist attraction is known as the "Number One Cliff Walk in North China". The whole walkway is divided into two parts, forming a "Z" shape, which is artificially carved on the steep cliffs reaching hundreds of meters high! On the 500-meter long walkway, which is more than 400 meters above the ground, visitors can admire the magnificent beauty of the Taihang Mountains, enjoy the scenery below, and witness the ever-changing clouds swirling beneath their feet.
The Hanging Temple is known for its steepness. It was named as one of the world's top ten unstable buildings by Time magazine. It was built during the late period of the Northern Wei Dynasty 1400 years ago and is the only temple in China that combines Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. The long poles are actually not used for support, but rather to reassure the tourists.

Cable bridge and plank road in Mianshan

A sky bridge located between "Yidouquan" and "Zhujia'a", over 200 meters long and over 20 meters high, towering above the clouds, with a distance of over 300 meters from the bottom of the valley, and its depth is unfathomable. The meandering stone stairs on the mountain are known as the most unique cloud path in the world. The winding "Z" shape is almost a 75-degree steep cliff in Nha Trang's travel guide. In cloudy weather, when people walk on it, the clouds churn beneath their feet, which is extremely thrilling.

Smooth cliff-hanging road

The road is completely suspended, with a distance of hundreds of meters from the top and bottom of the ravine. The cliff-hanging road has 39 openings, carefully hugging the cliff and looking ahead, with continuous peaks and steep cliffs, which are breathtaking and driving on the cliff is even more dangerous and exciting.

Yu the Great crosses the glass slide

The scenic area has a total length of over 500 meters for its all-glass slide, with a drop of over 100 meters. It combines high-altitude extreme challenges, leisure entertainment, and transportation, making it a unique tourist leisure project. The project includes a 60-meter-long elevated glass bridge and the largest glass observation deck in Shanxi Province, covering an area of 420 square meters, offering a panoramic view.

Huguan Baquanxia Glass Viewing Platform

The "Sky City", a hundred-meter cliff outdoor sightseeing elevator located in the Baquan Gorge Scenic Area in the Taihang Mountains, Hutuo River, Shanxi Province, has obtained three certifications from the World Records Association as the "world's highest outdoor sightseeing elevator, fastest running speed, and largest multilayer transparent observation elevator on a cliff."

Jincheng Jiunv Xianhu Glass Trestle in English

This is a nearly 50-story-high glass skywalk that offers the same excitement and shock as the world-famous Grand Canyon Skywalk in the United States! Adventurous tourists can come here, enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, and experience the thrilling "skywalk."

Niángzǐ Guān Glass Skywalk

The Niangzi Pass Glass Skywalk is 91 meters long and 1.5 meters wide. It overlooks the Mian River with a drop of 26 meters. It is one of the 4,000-meter-long waterfall observation skywalks. Standing on the glass skywalk, you can see a 500-meter-wide waterfall and some residential areas on the opposite side, providing a different viewing experience.