Magical City, those self-driving spots that rival those abroad

Shanghai also has beaches that are comparable to those abroad, and small towns with a Dutch charm that rivals Europe, all of which are popular photography destinations.

Shanghai Jinshan City Beach

The beach with palm trees by the sea looks just like the beaches abroad. The sea and the blue sky form a straight line, giving a very wide and healing view. The beach is a light golden color and very clean. You can have a picnic on it or just sit and play in the sand. It is also suitable for children to play with sand toys. Tickets: 10 yuan on weekdays, 20 yuan on weekends.

Dutch-style town

The town is designed by two Dutch design companies. From a distance, it really looks like Amsterdam: colorful houses with windmills in the distance, as if in a European town! The town has a central square with a very conspicuous church spire that can be seen from far away! It is recommended to come in the afternoon when the square is well-lit, perfect for taking photos. Today's afternoon sunset was cloudy, so I didn't see it. But if you have a chance to see the sunset, it will be very beautiful. Admission: free.

Pujang suburban park

Like being in Alice's Wonderland, pink and delicate, every spot is perfect for photography. Take subway Line 8 to Shendu Road Station, exit at Exit 2, and walk about 400 meters to Gate 1, which leads to the Miracle Garden area. If driving, it is recommended to park near Gate 1 early, otherwise, you will have to walk a long way to the parking lot near Gate 3. The ticket price is 45.