Best recommended tourist attractions for a one-day self-driving tour starting from Chengdu

6 Best Day Trip Destinations recommendation starting from Chengdu, What are the best weekend getaways for self-drive trips around Chengdu?

The Xiling Snow Mountain is located in Dayi County, Chengdu City, only 95 kilometers away from Chengdu. It takes about two hours to drive from Chengdu to Xiling Snow Mountain. Xiling Snow Mountain has a total area of 482.8 square kilometers. It is a World Natural Heritage Site, a habitat for giant pandas, a AAAA-level tourist attraction, and a national key scenic spot. It is named after the famous poem by the Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu, "The window holds the autumn snow of Xiling, the door moors the ten-thousand-li boat of Dongwu". There is a perennial snow-capped mountain in the scenic area, with an altitude of 5353 meters, making it the highest peak in Chengdu.


Dujiangyan is located about 1 kilometer west of Chengdu and sits on the main stream of Min River at the foot of Mount Yulei. It is a famous water conservancy project and a scenic tourist destination. The route in Dujiangyan starts from the entrance and goes to Duifu Park, Fulong Temple, Baopingkou, Feisha Weir, Yuzui, Anlan Suspension Bridge, and Erlong Temple.
San Sheng Township has a long history of flower cultivation and is famous for its flowers. It is designated by the Chengdu Municipal Government as a fresh cut flower production base and has been recognized as the "Hometown of Chinese Flowers and Trees" by the National Forestry Administration and the China Flower Association. Hongsha Village's "Flower Village Farmhouse" is also the only national-level scenic spot in Sichuan Province that combines the characteristics of the folk customs of western Sichuan dwellings with flower culture, and it is also one of the first batch of national agricultural tourism demonstration sites.

Qingcheng Mountain

Qingcheng Mountain is one of the birthplaces of Taoism in China, and it is a famous Taoist mountain. It is located in the southwest of Dujiangyan City, Sichuan Province. It was previously known as "Zhangren Mountain". It is a well-known historical mountain and a national key scenic spot. In 2000, Qingcheng Mountain and Dujiangyan were jointly listed as a World Heritage site.

Stone Elephant Lake

Pujiang Shixiang Lake has unique natural resources, and the large ecological park has become a paradise for the coexistence of animals and plants. It is a pure land for urban people to seek spiritual cultivation. Shixiang Lake is named after the ancient temple Shixiang Temple in the lake area, which is said to be the place where the famous general Yan Yan ascended to heaven on an elephant. The lake contains attractions such as Shixiang Temple, Giant Buddha of Western Sichuan, and Twin Dragons Playing with a Pearl. Moreover, Shixiang Lake is also known as the "sea of flowers" and is even praised as a "dreamland, a haven, and a paradise for living".

Flowers dance in the human world

Chengdu Huawu Renjian features four main themes of flowers, creating a continuous blooming throughout the seasons. Spring showcases azaleas, summer offers the fragrance of lotus flowers, autumn presents chrysanthemums, and winter displays layers of red leaves. Huawu Renjian is the largest artificial breeding and display center of rhododendrons in Asia, with over 130 varieties and more than 5 million rhododendron plants, including unique varieties such as rhododendron vases, hollowed rhododendron columns, rhododendron trees, and weeping rhododendrons.