Have tried 50 places, but these 6 have the tastiest Guilin rice noodles

What's more than the scenery of "the best under heaven" in Guilin? Definitely our most famous Guilin rice noodles! For foodies, eating equals life.

Chongshan rice noodles

Traditional rice noodle shop in Guilin, famous for its signature braised pork rice noodle dish that includes fried pork.

Lao Dongjiang rice vermicelli

A 20-year-old established restaurant, specializing in authentic rice noodle dishes, especially braised meat rice noodle.

Shi Ji Rice Noodles

The shop owner will serve the cooked ingredients separately in a dry hotpot and customers need to add their own vegetables, sauces, and soup.

Shenlu Rice Noodles (Zhengyang Pedestrian Street Branch)

A well-known old-brand noodle shop recognized by the people of Guilin, located on Zhengyang Pedestrian Street.

Li River Elderly Fish Soup Powder (Central Square Branch)

There are many post-it notes on the wall, recording stories and recommending fish soup noodles.

Guilin rice noodles

Homemade braised broth, paired with dry seasoning, has a unique and flavorful taste.