What are the landforms in the Northwestern Yardang Landform? Devil's City cheats are on air

In the vast territory of the northwest, many "fortresses" rise from the ground, performing the "Seventy-two Changes" in the desert amidst strong winds and scorching sun. They are the mysterious "Devil's Cities".

The unique water devil city in the world - Qinghai Water Yan Dan

There are many terrestrial Yardang landforms, but water-based Yardang are very rare. Located about 240 kilometers from Da Qaidam and about 50 kilometers after the Dongtai toll station, Yahu Lake is unique among these special landforms, being the only water-based Yardang in the world. It was formed when the surface of Lake Jinaer rose and gradually submerged the northern edge of the Yardang group, creating the unique water-based Yardang as if an "ocean" emerged out of the endless desert. The Devil City of Yardang stands above this "ocean," appearing magical and mysterious, with stunningly beautiful views. Currently, few people have visited, and sometimes you can enjoy the entire Devil City alone without any disturbance. In summary, it can be described as "invincible." If you have a car, you must go; if you don't have a car, it's worth carpooling.

China's most beautiful Yadan - Wuerhe Devil City

In Karamay, there is at least one month in a year where it experiences strong winds of around level 8. The Devil's City, located over 100 kilometers away from Karamay, stretches about 5 kilometers and is also known as the most beautiful Yardang landform in China! Its number one ranking is well-deserved. Looking at the vast wind and sand here, you can truly appreciate the beauty of the western region's desolation. The eroded landscape and faces may easily evoke a sense of the passage of time. Due to its unique scenery, some Western-style films and TV shows such as "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and "Seven Swords" have been filmed here.

The Most Beautiful sunset in Yardang - Devil City in Dunhuang

The Devil City of Dunhuang is part of the ancient Loulan in the Lop Nur, often referred to as the "Sea of Death". It has a history dating back a long time and covers an area of about 200 square kilometers. It can be considered a "large and medium-sized city" in the "Devil City". Here, you will marvel at the fantastic work of nature, with many world-famous architectural wonders such as the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, the Potala Palace in Tibet, the pyramids of Egypt, and the Sphinx. There are sculpted desert lions, camel caravans on the Silk Road, and fleets setting sail. Each eroded yardang has its own story, so let your imagination run wild~ Of course, the most beautiful thing is the sunset. Many people come here after much hardship to witness the visual feast on the vast desert and await a perfect sunset.

The largest Yadan landform group in China - Southern Badain Jaran Desert

If you want to see the Yadan landform, you must go to South Baxian, even though it is a remote area! Even though it is windy here! Even though some people say that GPS may lose signal here! But you will definitely be attracted by its primitive and vastness once you come here! The area is particularly large! Particularly large! The Yadan landform here is different from other Yadan Devil Cities. It is covered with round small hills, with chilly winds and desolation, without a single person, like a Martian landscape.