High cost-effective accommodation options! Recommended hostel accommodations in three cities in Laos

When you come to Laos, besides the officially recommended hotels, there are also some highly cost-effective homestays and hostels recommended. They will allow you to experience the locals' life in Laos more closely.

This youth hostel only opened at the end of last year. The facilities are very new and the decor is very distinctive. It is not only clean, but also pays great attention to the privacy of guests (with bed curtains). It is located in the city center and is very close to the Mekong River. The surrounding area belongs to the guesthouse district, so it is convenient for both travel and dining. If you want to stay in a youth hostel, you can consider this one.

Lao Valhalla Bungalows

This homestay is quite close to the blue lagoon and the environment is super comfortable. Each room is an independent small building with large floor-to-ceiling windows. Breakfast is not only free but also can be chosen freely. The boss is super nice and will call a car to pick up guests from the city center; personally take guests to rent a car and provide waterproof bags for them.

Vangvieng Rock Backpacker

This hostel is located in the city center, quite new, very clean, and the price is also cheap. The key is that the atmosphere is super good. You can play billiards and chat in the lobby when there is nothing to do... Most of the hotels in Wanrong include breakfast, and this hotel has four kinds of egg preparations for breakfast, and you can choose one. The baguette, vegetables, and coffee are all buffet style and you can eat as much as you want.
This youth hostel is located by the Mekong River, away from the bustling city center, with a quiet and peaceful environment, suitable for friends who like peace and quiet. However, because it is too close to the river, there are slightly more mosquitoes.
This hotel is located in the city center, close to the Mekong River, Wat Xieng Thong, the Royal Palace Museum, and Mount Phousi. The environment is good and the price is not high. It is considered a cost-effective shop in Luang Prabang.