Jin Yong Academy

Salt Official Town, Haining City, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, China (near Guanchao Park)


Jinyong Academy, located in Nanhu Town, Xiuzhou District, Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, China, is a historic and culturally-rich classical architecture and an important cultural landmark. It is named after the famous martial arts novelist Jinyong, who once served as a visiting professor at the academy. Jinyong Academy was first built during the Xuanhe period of the Ming Dynasty and was initially called "Yihe Academy". It was later renamed "Zhonghe Academy" and "Dazhonghe Academy" and became one of the cultural centers in Nanhu Town. During the Qing Dynasty, the academy was renamed "Kaifa Academy" and was listed as one of the "Inner Court Academies". Today, the academy still preserves the remains of Ming and Qing dynasty architecture, such as exquisitely carved stone lions and plaques, showcasing the profound and educational traditions of ancient Chinese culture. The architectural style of Jinyong Academy inherits the traditional features of Chinese classical architecture. The gatehouse serves as the entrance, with a plaque above it bearing the golden characters "Jinyong Academy," displaying great presence. The academy contains multiple classrooms, meeting rooms, and a library, providing a tranquil and elegant environment for studying and reading. In addition to its architectural beauty, Jinyong Academy impresses visitors with its cultural essence. The cultural relics exhibition showcases Jinyong's honorary certificates, artifacts, manuscripts, family ancestral teachings, and genealogy. Especially notable is the inscription of Jinyong's poem on the academy walls, "Only a few throughout history can be remembered through their writings," expressing his love for literature and his dedication to spreading traditional culture. A must-do experience in the academy is participating in courses and tea tasting sessions, which are traditional cultural activities of Jinyong Academy. The academy periodically organizes courses on the analysis of ancient and modern cultures, traditional Chinese music, and other subjects, allowing visitors to personally participate in learning and appreciate the profoundness of Chinese traditional culture. The tea tasting session is a chance to savor the aroma of tea and experience the charm of Chinese tea culture. In conclusion, Jinyong Academy has become an integral part of Chinese cultural attractions due to its long history, traditional architecture, and rich cultural essence, attracting numerous visitors each year to experience the historical and cultural atmosphere it offers.
Salt Official Town, Haining City, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, China (near Guanchao Park)
Opening hours
08:30-16:30 (all day)
last admission: 16:00 (January 1-December 31, Monday-Sunday)