Hangzhou Bay National Wetland Park, A nice wetland park

Cixi City, Ningbo, Zhejiang, Hangzhou Bay New Area
A nice wetland park


Hangzhou Bay National Wetland Park is located near the southern end of the Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge, and it is a wetland park with lush vegetation near Ningbo. It has open mudflats, extensive reed swamps, and grasslands, where many migratory birds nest and breed annually, making it a great place for birdwatching and photography. The park was also featured in the movie "Search" directed by Chen Kaige, so fans can come and visit the filming locations. The park currently implements a one-ticket system, which includes electric car and boat rides. There are two tour routes, A and B, with the same content but in reverse order. The first impression of the wetland park is the lush greenery. Along Route B, after passing the lotus pond, there is a winding open-air path with transparent fish tanks on both sides, allowing you to see fish swimming leisurely next to you. It feels like an aquarium. Not far ahead is the boat dock, where you can take a covered boat and cruise along the wetland river, occasionally seeing white egrets and cormorants playing on the lake, creating a beautiful scenery. The entire boat trip takes about ten minutes, and the boats are readily available, making it convenient. After disembarking, not far away is the deer park, where small animals are foraging on the island not far from you, adding a touch of natural charm. After crossing a stretch of sandy road, there is a lotus pond and a wooden zigzag bridge in the reed swamp. The classic scene in "Search" where Gao Yuanyuan looks back and smiles is filmed here. The reed swamp is most beautiful in autumn, and at the entrance of the wooden bridge is a picture of the drama "Search". Girls can take a photo in the same pose to commemorate the visit. The love hut and some temporary filming scenes from the drama are also nearby. If you are interested, you can "search" for them. After passing the circular Butterfly Island, you can take a sightseeing bus to the Bird Migration Museum. Behind the transparent glass displays various bird specimens, accompanied by graphic information on the migration routes and habits of migratory birds. The museum's first floor has a 6D cinema, where you can participate in an interactive experience project themed on bird migration for 50 yuan. In a virtual and real environment, starting from Siberia, follow the migratory bird "Jia Jia" to fly over mountains and seas, and arrive at the warm and comfortable Hangzhou Bay, experiencing a journey of thousands of miles. Cycling in the wetland park is also a leisurely and enjoyable activity. The park has bicycle rentals, with a 100 yuan deposit and a rental fee of 10 yuan per hour for a single bike and 20 yuan per hour for a tandem bike. The ecological farm on the opposite side of the wetland park, next to the bridge, is also a good ecological attraction. For family trips, it can be included in the same itinerary.
Cixi City, Ningbo, Zhejiang, Hangzhou Bay New Area
Opening hours
last admission time: 16:00 (December 1st-March 31st, Monday-Sunday) 08:00-17:00
last admission time: 16:30 (April 1st-November 30th, Monday-Sunday)
Take bus route 9 (or 299) or Hangzhou Bay New Area route 107 and get off at the Wetland Park bus stop. It is within walking distance.