Less crowded and beautiful hidden gems in Yunnan province

Every holiday, destinations of all sizes in Yunnan become lively. But if you prefer tranquility, don't like crowded places, and want to find a place to empty your mind, you can take a look at these less crowded and beautiful hidden gems in Yunnan.

Bingzhongluo Scenic Area

Bengzhongluo is a primitive village in Gongshan County, Nujiang Prefecture. It is the core area where three rivers merge and is a famous tourist attraction in Nujiang Prefecture. From the Bengzhongluo scenic platform, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the first bend of the Nu River. You can also climb Mount Gongdangshen to get a clear view of the Bengzhongluo basin and the majestic first bend of the Nu River.

Shaxi Town

Shaxi Ancient Town is a peaceful place. Although its fame has been increasing in recent years and there are more tourists, it has always maintained that sense of tranquility.

Bisezhai Village

Located in Mengzi County, Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan Province, it is named after the station. It is a European-style Yunnan border town with a reputation for 'Little Hong Kong' and 'Little Paris' in history. The blue color station on the mountain ridge is famous for 'Youth' and is a key tourist destination in the village.


The world-famous Qianjiazhai Ancient Tea Tree King Scenic Area is right here. In the tens of thousands of acres of wild tea tree communities in Qianjiazhai, there is a pearl tree with a height of 25.6 meters and a breast diameter of 0.89 meters, which is the largest wild tea tree (No. 1 on the dam). According to expert evidence, the age of this tree is 2700 years, making it the largest and oldest wild tea tree discovered to date, and it is known as the 'Wild Tea King Tree'.

Tengchong Volcano Geothermal National Geological Park

Tengchong, with 97 volcanoes, is the best destination to explore volcanic landforms, among which the Tengchong Volcano Geological Park is a great place to appreciate volcanic geological features.

Yuanyang Terrace Scenic Area

The Yuanyang Terraces have a history of more than 1200 years, and are grand in scale, and are known as the "most beautiful mountain carving in China".