National Day self-driving tour, the top 10 best gingko self-driving destinations in China in autumn, was tempted after reading the first one!

Someone said: Those who have never been to Gingko Village in autumn are not enough to talk about autumn. Only when the leaves fall do we know it's autumn, and only when the frost falls do we feel the cold. If the autumn wind gives color to autumn, then Ginkgo is the most brilliant under the sunlight. Unlike the purple and red of maple leaves, Ginkgo only uses one color to render autumn to the extreme. The cold wind has arrived, late autumn is approaching, and this will also be the day when Ginkgo shows its most beautiful appearance of the year.

Ocean Township Ginkgo

If you haven't been here, then you must have missed one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, the ginkgo trees in Haixiang Village. It has been renowned as the "Number One Village of Ginkgo in China" since ancient times. There are over a million ginkgo trees here, with more than 18,000 wild ginkgo trees over a hundred years old. So, in late autumn, the tranquil village will be filled with poetic ripples, as a gentle breeze carries falling leaves dancing in the air. If you were here, you would surely be entranced.

Zhanggezhuang Ginkgo

If autumn in Beijing is its most beautiful season, then the ginkgo trees of Zhanggezhuang must be one of its most representative autumn colors. There are over 800,000 ginkgo trees here. Although they are relatively young, the sight of one ginkgo tree after another is overwhelming and perfect for people to take pictures. Invite a few friends and walk through the mottled forest, stepping on the golden fallen leaves, basked in the warm sunlight. The scenery will be indescribably beautiful.

Nanxiong ginkgo

The autumn scenery in Guangdong is brief, and the gingko trees in Nanxiong are like the most beautiful golden autumn in this lonely world. The quaint and quiet village streets, the ginkgo leaves as beautiful as oil paintings, the thin morning mist, the flowing light and shadow... When all these come together, you will step into a fairy-tale-like story.

Yangjia Village Ginkgo

Yangjia Village is a small mountain village located at the intersection of Fuyang, Lin'an, and Tonglu in Zhejiang province, known as the "hometown of ginkgo". There are over 3500 ginkgo trees here, including more than 1200 over a hundred years old, and the oldest ginkgo tree, known as the Ginkgo King, has a history of over 1000 years. Starting from November, the ginkgo trees scattered in the corners of the village will sway with elegance, blooming with enchanting beauty. It's hard to describe, but at some corner, you will have a delightful encounter with it.

Ginkgo in Changxing

Longxing's ginkgo trees, spanning over ten kilometers in Badu Village, are a breathtaking corridor of beauty in autumn. The sight of these ginkgo trees alone brings inexplicable joy. As the wind blows, leaves fall, occasionally brushing across your cheeks, creating a golden pathway. Perhaps when you look back, it will be an unforgettable scenery.

Guidancun Ginkgo

Zhinan Village is a small mountain village, but in autumn, besides the colorful leaves all over the mountains, the golden ginkgo in the village adds a touch of hazy beauty. Every autumn, many people come here to get inspiration, with golden ginkgo leaves covering every corner of the village. With the spreading of the morning mist, the scenery is as picturesque as in a painting, with a unique charm.

Yinxing Valley in Suizhou

The beauty of ginkgo is often attributed to its gracefulness. As the largest of the four ancient ginkgo villages in the world, Yinzhan Gorge in Suizhou exudes an even more vibrant sense of history. As you walk here, the wind gently rustles through the ginkgo trees, with leaves falling onto rooftops, hillsides, pathways, and corners, creating a poetic atmosphere.

Tengchong Gingko Village

Tree Tree Autumn sound, mountain mountain cold color, Tengchong Gingko Village, it must be a place you must visit in your lifetime. In late autumn, the whole village is filled with flying yellow leaves, like a long-lasting golden rain of ginkgo leaves, falling on stone walls, between house tiles, in small alleys, on field edges, and in courtyards. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is a dreamlike fairy tale world. At that time, every scenery you see in the corner here will become an unforgettable memory.

Tuole Village ginkgo

Autumn colors are everywhere, but the autumn colors in Tuole Village are particularly unforgettable, not only because of its ancient gingko trees. What's more important is that the village itself is very distinctive, like intertwined branches, painting a dreamy autumn color on the empty sky.

Ancient Guanyin Temple Ginkgo Trees

Unlike other places, here, there is only one ginkgo tree. But this single tree becomes a must-see scenery every year. It is not only because it was planted by Emperor Li Shimin himself, but also because of its stunning beauty in the deep autumn, which has lasted for over 1400 years.