Recommended restaurants in Yellowstone National Park

There are many restaurants in Yellowstone National Park where you can have a meal. They are mainly concentrated in six areas: Grant Village, Canyon Village, Yellowstone Lake, Mammoth Springs, Old Faithful, and Roosevelt Lodge. Many of these restaurants are operated by hotels. Despite being located within a scenic area, there are still some recommended restaurants. Surrounded by the stunning landscapes of what is known as "the most beautiful surface on Earth," enjoying the unique experience of bison meat and venison here is also a good option.

Old Faithful Inn Dining Room

The restaurant of Old Faithful Inn is located on the first floor of the hotel, with around 300 seats, large floor-to-ceiling windows and a huge oil painting of the Old Faithful geyser. They serve a self-service breakfast with bacon, eggs, sausages, French toast, fruit, and various pastries. Lunch features fresh salads, sandwiches, signature dishes and Western-style buffets. Dinner options include self-service or specialty dishes such as pan-seared venison, and reservations are available.

Huangshihu Restaurant

The Yellowstone Lake Restaurant is located on the north shore of Yellowstone Lake, surrounded by beautiful surroundings with magnificent views of the mountains and lakes. It is the best restaurant in Yellowstone Park with an elegant environment and atmosphere. They offer three meals a day, including a buffet breakfast, as well as special dishes to choose from.

Mammoth Fountain Restaurant

Mammoth Village is located near the northern boundary of Yellowstone National Park. From the terrace of the restaurant, one can see many historic buildings nearby, and deer and bison can often be seen grazing on the lawn in front of the restaurant. The restaurant serves three meals and offers a self-service breakfast. For dinner, they offer a variety of signature dishes, such as American wild shrimp and trout.
Ranked among the top restaurants in West Yellowstone, the sandwiches and bread received the most praise. If you're staying in West Yellowstone, starting your Yellowstone trip with delicious pastries and coffee here will make your journey even sweeter.
A Chinese restaurant named "Huacheng" is located at the west gate of Yellowstone. The restaurant has a Chinese-style decoration and is one of the more famous Chinese restaurants in West Yellowstone. There are many Chinese tourists at night. If you are tired of hamburgers and steaks, etc., it's also a good choice to come and find the taste of your hometown.