Guide to exploring the old town area of Anshun and searching for the past

Anshun is a place condensed with the essence of Guizhou's mountains and rivers. Not only does it have the famous Huangguoshu Waterfall, but the urban area of Anshun is also worth visiting, especially the old town of Anshun, which has many places worth a visit.

The Anshun Confucian Temple is a must-see masterpiece for antique lovers, and its stone carvings are absolutely top-notch. After entering the ancient gate full of charm, the exquisitely carved stone archway has long been popular. The pairs of stone dragon columns at the Hou Dacheng Gate and Dacheng Gate are the "treasures of the town" in Anshun and have a history of more than 600 years. Especially, the two large pillars in front of the Dacheng Hall, which are carved out of whole stone blocks, have stone dragons circling in auspicious clouds, "hanging" on the pillars. The engineering difficulty and craftsmanship level are astounding.
To experience the atmosphere of old Anshun, go to Rulin Road. This century-old street still retains its smooth bluestone pavement and is lined with many wooden tile houses from the late Qing Dynasty and early Republic of China. The shops along the street are all old-fashioned snack shops, creating a vibrant local atmosphere. The old street is also one of the filming locations for the movie "Our Time Will Come". In recent years, it has undergone renovation and reconstruction as a historical district, undergoing a transition from old to new.
Hongshan Lake Park is a popular leisure destination for residents. The long wooden plank road leads to the karst landscape, and from the summit, you can still overlook the ancient city. Wang Ruofei's former residence is a typical Qing Dynasty courtyard in Guizhou, and the adjacent memorial hall records the life of this loyal and upright old revolutionary. Donglin Temple, built in the Ming Dynasty, is the Buddhist activity center of the ancient city, and the incense is still thriving today. The Xixiu White Pagoda, built in the Yuan Dynasty, is located on Xixiu Mountain in the heart of the city. When night falls, the lights are brilliant, embellishing the night sky of the ancient city.