Small towns around Chengdu are recommended for self-driving, only one hour away

There are many different towns around Chengdu. Some are quaint, while others have a strong sense of humanity. Let's take a look at these towns.

Quiet streets, clear streams, delicious local food, affordable prices. It's not easy to find such an uncommercialized ancient town around Chengdu. It's a great idea to bring your family here for a relaxing weekend. Just leave the main street and take a detour to "Hexin Street" to enjoy your own tranquility. In addition, there are many delicious dishes available.

Moonlight Village

It is the Guining Temple on the Tea Horse Ancient Road and the Southern Silk Road during the Sui and Tang dynasties. Now, over a hundred pottery artists, artists, and designers reside in the countryside. Mingyue Kiln is located near the entrance of Mingyue Village, following the direction of the signs. The kiln site of Mingyue Kiln is now designated as a cultural heritage conservation unit and is the only "living kiln" in Sichuan. Mingyue Village has launched many parent-child travel series, educational experience series, and popular science series activities. Simply make an advance reservation on the WeChat public account.
Wailuo Mountain Forest Park is located in the outskirts of Deyang, over 60 kilometers away from Chengdu. The main attractions are the lavender fields and a sea of flowers. There are extensive lavender fields on the mountainside, and different types of flowers bloom from April to August, with the peak season being from June to August. It is a spectacular sight to be immersed in and taking photos with friends is very beautiful. There are also several resorts and rural homestays in the mountains, which are well worth a visit.
Most people who have watched the movie "Big Fish & Begonia" are familiar with the image of Hakka Tulou. Hakka Tulou are mostly found in the surrounding areas of Fujian Province, but did you know? There is also a Hakka Tulou in Chengdu. The Hakka Tulou in Chengdu is located in Luodai Ancient Town, but it is not for residential purposes. It is a large museum that tells the story of the Hakka people's five major migrations and serves as an educational display about Hakka Tulou.

Xiaoyan Village

Xiaoyan Village has a 600-acre cherry orchard. Farmhouse restaurants can be found everywhere, where you can eat free-range chicken, pick cherries, and enjoy the best time of April in Chengdu. At the end of April and the beginning of May, cherries are in full bloom, and local specialties can be enjoyed at nearby farmhouse restaurants, or you can have tea and play Mahjong. There is an old street nearby, as well as unique Dongshan tofu skin.