Scenic spots "hidden" in Guilin

Guilin has many hidden scenic spots that may be unknown to many, but they are surprisingly beautiful.


Here is often shrouded in clouds, misty rain, looking from afar, it is like a fairyland. In addition to the beautiful scenery, there is also the famous Huixian Wetland here. At sunset, the wetland landscape is in harmony with the sky, and being in it makes people reluctant to leave.

Yellow cloth reflection

Yellow Cloth Reflection, is the highlight scenic spot of the Li River tour route. It is also the beautiful scenery depicted on the 20 yuan Chinese currency note.

Xianggong Mountain

Xianggong Mountain is an excellent location for appreciating the Li River and its stunning scenery. It's a paradise for photography, especially during sunrise, attracting a large number of photography enthusiasts for creative pursuits.

Daming Mountain

Da Mian Mountain is located in Huangnitian Village, Xingping Town. It is also known as "Goupo Mountain" and is situated on the west side of Luosi Mountain. The mountain is named after its large and flat cliff face facing the river. The Li River flows from west to east and forms a large "bow" shape when passing through Xingping, winding around the mountain and creating the most beautiful scenery of the Li River. It is known as the "first beautiful bend of the Li River."

Longji Terraced Fields in JinKeng, Longji Scenic Area

The JinKeng Terraces are known as a unique world tourist attraction, with magnificent and grandeur scenery, mist-shrouded mountain peaks, distinctive Yao villages, and a colorful and vibrant atmosphere, forming a magnificent picture.

Baidu Ancient Village

The entire village is hidden beneath a mountain, surrounded by picturesque scenery, exuding a refreshing and tranquil atmosphere.