Must-visit off-the-beaten-track attractions in Guilin for tourists

People who come to Guilin for tourism naturally know that the water in Guilin is very beautiful, but they only know that the mountains and water here are beautiful, but they don't know that in Guangxi's tourist cities, there is also a scenic town famous for Liu Sanjie.

Xianggong Mountain

It is better to go to Xianggong Mountain in the morning because the morning glow here is delightful. As the sun rises over the mountains and its rays penetrate through the clouds, illuminating the surrounding peaks, the scenery is truly beautiful! This place seems to depict a magnificent landscape. The meandering Li River encircles the mountains here, gracefully curving left and right, creating a dance for visitors. The enchanting charm of the "First Bend of the Li River" is fully revealed.

Yangtze River Embankment

Yangshuo Yangdi Li River Scenic Area is mainly known for bamboo rafting along the Li River. The route includes attractions such as Carp Hill, Child Worships Guanyin, Magic Pen Peak, Impressive Rock Formations, Lion Climbing Five-Finger Mountain, Elderly Man Guarding Apples, Eight Immortals Crossing the River, and Nine Horses Painting the Mountain.

West Street, Yangshuo

West Street, with a history of over 1400 years, is the oldest and busiest street in Yangshuo, and it is also one of the important tourist attractions in Yangshuo. West Street is a collection of various activities such as dining, shopping, and bar hopping, and because of its rich and diverse offerings, it has become a unique and beautiful scenic spot in Yangshuo.

Ten-mile Gallery

The Yangshuo Ten-Mile Gallery is located at the Moon Hill in Yangshuo. It is known as the Yangshuo Ten-Mile Gallery due to its beautiful and picturesque scenery along the way. The main attractions include Dolphin Leaping out of Water, Flame Mountain, Dragon Horn Mountain, Qing'e Scenery, and the beautiful ancient Banyan tree.

Yinziyan Scenic Area

Yinzi Cave is a typical karst landform, traversing twelve peaks. It is a layered cave with stalactites developed in different geological periods, crystal clear and pure white, resembling the Milky Way slanting down in the night sky, sparkling with silver and diamond-like radiance.