Mysterious and primitive Dian-Tibet Channel attractions along the way (Part 3)

Mangkang is a great route for traveling, with the exception of the Nujiang 72 Turns and the Lancang River's Zhuka Bridge. In addition to the canyon, there is also the Salt Well Scenic Area, Feila Si Temple, and Meili Snow Mountain, which I highly recommend.

Nujiang 72 turns is a must pass on the southern route of Sichuan-Tibet, after passing the 72 turns and driving for 4 hours, you can see the Lancang River flowing down with yellow sand. The Zhuka Bridge, which spans the Lancang River, is the boundary river between Sichuan and Tibet. It takes about 1 hour to reach the eastern gateway of Tibet, Mangkang County, after crossing the bridge.

Tibet Yanjing Scenic Area

Departing from Mangkang, travel south along the G214 route of the Yunnan-Tibet Line. This route has excellent road conditions and is safer than G318. Just be mindful of slopes, curves, and mountain passes during the journey, and pass through the Yanjing Scenic Area.

Feilai Temple Scenic Area

100 kilometers south of the well is Feilai Temple Scenic Area, which is 8 kilometers away from Deqin County. The ticket for the observation deck is 60 yuan. On a clear day, you can see the panoramic view of Kawagebo Peak, the highest of the Eight Great Sacred Mountains, from the second and third observation decks.
The Meili Snow Mountain is perennially shrouded in snow and clouds. If the weather is clear, one can appreciate the spectacular "Golden Sunset" in the afternoon, and perhaps catch a rare glimpse of the "Golden Sunrise" in the morning.

Tiger Leaping Gorge

Before arriving in Lijiang, you can visit the Lijiang Tiger Leaping Gorge Scenic Area. The Tiger Leaping Gorge Scenic Area is located about 90 kilometers from downtown Lijiang, upstream of the Jinsha River. The Tiger Leaping Gorge area is divided into three sections: upper, middle, and lower. The Lijiang Tiger Leaping Gorge Scenic Area belongs to the lower section, offering the best viewing angle.
The journey from downtown to the ancient town of Lijiang is around ten minutes. "Lijiang Ancient Town is one of the World Cultural Heritage sites, and motor vehicles are not allowed in the town. There are 8 parking lots near the ancient town, making it convenient for parking, and visitors can explore on foot afterwards.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Yulong Snow Mountain is about a 40-minute drive from the city center of Lijiang. If your itinerary is tight, you can go there on the next morning. There is plenty of light in the morning and enough time for sightseeing and taking photos. "Yulong Snow Mountain has 13 peaks from south to north, with a total length of 75 kilometers. Tourists can take a cable car up the mountain and enjoy the spectacular view of the snow-capped mountains. If you have enough time, you can visit all the attractions in the Yulong Snow Mountain scenic area."

Shuanglang Town

Go south along G5611 from Lijiang, and you will reach Shuanglang Passenger Transport Center in about 2 hours. It only takes a few more minutes to reach Shuanglang Town. Shuanglang is known as the "number one town in Cang'er Scenery". Nanzhao Folk Island and Xiaoputuo are also located here. Shuanglang is situated on the northeast coast of Erhai Lake, continue south along the East Ring Road, and you can enjoy the scenery of Erhai Lake along the way. The entire route is a 50-kilometer dual carriageway asphalt road, built along the Yu'an Mountain, with slightly undulating and winding road surface. Please pay attention to controlling the speed while driving.

Huanhai East Road

Shuanglang is located on the northeast shore of Erhai Lake, continuing south along the Huanhai East Road, you can enjoy the scenery of Erhai Lake along the way. The entire 50-kilometer road is a two-lane asphalt road built along the Yuan'an mountain, with some undulating and winding sections, so please pay attention to controlling the speed when driving. "Dali is a city where you can fully enjoy the slow life. If you don't need to hurry back home, you can stay in Dali for a few more days to appreciate the beauty of the foot of Cangshan Mountain and the shore of Erhai Lake."

The west coast of Lake Vänern

There are more famous attractions on the west bank of Erhai Lake than on the east bank, such as Dali Ancient City and Dali Three Pagodas. In addition, there are Xizhou Ancient Town and Butterfly Spring on the west bank, where you can visit the attractions you are interested in one by one.


Cangshan is also located on the west bank of Erhai Lake, about a 20-minute drive from Dali Ancient City and Three Pagodas Scenic Area. There are multiple cable cars in Cangshan Scenic Area, and driving up the mountain is also an option.