I don't know where to go during the summer vacation. Can you recommend some must-visit attractions?

The experience in Northern and Southern Xinjiang will definitely leave you with an unforgettable memory, because every trip is like a spiritual journey. Traveling with friends, family, and colleagues and fully relaxing is truly wonderful. I hope sharing these experiences can help every person who loves to travel.

The Mingsha Mountain in Dunhuang is a national key tourist attraction, a magnificent Gansu tourist attraction on the magical Silk Road, and the name Mingsha Mountain comes from the sound made by the moving sand.

Bole Multicolored Beach

The rocks at Burqin Five-Color Beach have a variety of colors, and when the sunlight shines on them at sunset, the predominant color of the rocks is red, interspersed with green, purple, yellow, white, black, and transitional colors, making the colors dazzling.

Sailimu Lake

It is the highest and largest alpine lake in Xinjiang, with beautiful scenery, and it is also the last place to be favored by the warm and humid air currents of the Atlantic Ocean, hence the saying 'the last tear of the Atlantic Ocean.'
The most beautiful road in Xinjiang. Yizhao Highway is a shortcut from Yining to Zhaosu, and it is also a section of the ancient Silk Road 'Gongyue Road', which is known as one of the most dangerous and beautiful roads in Xinjiang.

Nalati Grassland

One of the world's four great grasslands, the alpine meadow plant area, has been a famous pasture since ancient times.

Bayinbuluke Wetland Grassland Scenic Area

Bayinbuluke Grassland is a flat and fertile grassland, which is a typical meadow grassland and also one of the most important livestock bases in Xinjiang.

Duku Highway

The most beautiful highway in Xinjiang, Duku Highway, has shortened the north-south journey by nearly half from over 1,000 kilometers, making it a monument in the history of China's highway construction. The Taklamakan Desert is the largest desert in China and the tenth largest desert in the world, as well as the second largest mobile desert in the world.