Shanghai's top 8 family-friendly attractions

Tired of the towering skyscrapers in the financial center, fed up with the unbearable congestion on Jinsha River Road, even with only two days on the weekend, the free-spirited soul cannot stay idle. With children and parents in tow, driving for only a few hours, the eyes will see another world. Whether it's a lively and fun-filled amusement park, a romantic and leisurely Jiangnan ancient town, or a refreshing return to the green mountains and forests, it can all allow people to fully release the negative energy accumulated while living in the city.

Zhujiajiao Town

As one of the four cultural towns in Shanghai, Zhujiajiao, together with the surrounding Zhouzhuang and Tongli ancient towns, forms a triangular situation. The large number of well-preserved ancient buildings from the Ming and Qing dynasties and the local customs and traditions have become the highlights here. Looking out of the window, there are continuous stone-paved paths, resembling a picturesque Jiangnan water town with a strong sense of antiquity. In addition to the ancient buildings, the numerous collections in the town further highlight its cultural heritage of hundreds of years. Even today, Zhujiajiao is still a portrayal of "turning red gate, lowering the beautiful door". Admission: 10 yuan/person for individual tickets, 60 yuan/person for combined tickets. Transportation: Take the Shangtai Line, Huzhu Line, or get off at the Shanghai Stadium in Shanghai.
Located at the intersection of Wu and Yue, the geographical position of Fengjing Ancient Town gives it a unique positioning among many ancient towns in the Jiangnan region. As the "Southwest Gateway" from Shanghai to southwest provinces, Fengjing Ancient Town is densely covered with waterways and rivers, almost 100% restoring the historical appearance of a water town. The famous Jinshan farmer painting also originated from Fengjing, which has not only become a rare regional cultural characteristic in China but also has had a wide influence in the international community. Tickets: Combo ticket for 50 yuan. Transportation: Drive on the Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway and take the A8 section. Exit at Fengjing and follow the signs for 2 minutes to reach the parking lot at the entrance of the ancient town.
"Qian Nian Shanghai Show the Beauty of Qibao" deeply reflects the long history here, which can be read from every river, every brick, and every bridge over the thousand years. There is a so-called "hidden attraction" in Qibao, which is particularly special because it is different from other water towns. It is the Qibao Catholic Church located on Tianzhuang Street. This Gothic-style church, built during the Qing Dynasty, had its bell tower destroyed in 1949. The current appearance is the result of restoration by invited designers for the Shanghai World Expo. Tickets: Free. The combined ticket for attractions within the scenic area is 30 yuan, and the individual attraction ticket is priced between 5-10 yuan.
As a theme park in China, Happy Valley has many new attractions and never-before-seen entertainment shows, including the first wooden roller coaster in the country that is weather-resistant. There is also a world's first drop tower roller coaster that rotates to 60 meters high and plunges into water, a self-rotating pendulum ride with a swing angle of 240 degrees, and a twin tower spacecraft that instantly launches into the air, among other internationally advanced high-tech entertainment devices that will make you scream with excitement! Ticket prices: Regular daily ticket: 200 yuan; Annual pass: 428 yuan; Renewal pass: 298 yuan.

Shanghai Jinjiang Amusement Park

As a modern amusement park in Shanghai, Jinjiang Amusement Park not only has China's first giant Ferris wheel, but also thrilling and exciting amusement rides that attract a large number of adventurous people. In addition to thrilling rides like the "giant suspended roller coaster" and "motorcycle roller coaster," there are also many amusement rides suitable for children and parents to enjoy together. It is a happy park for both adults and children. Transportation: Metro Line 1 directly. Phone: 021-54204956.

Changzhou Dinosaur Park

A dinosaur-themed amusement park, known as the "Oriental Jurassic Park", is truly a whimsical paradise. Multiple themed areas highlight a playful atmosphere, where everyone becomes a little boy wielding dinosaur toys, playfully battling each other. The central attraction of the park, the Chinese Dinosaur Park, has developed over 14 years, and now has the capability to instantly transport every visitor back to the ancient and mysterious Jurassic era.
Located in the central part of Chongming Island, Dongping Forest Park is a natural oxygen bar very close to Shanghai. The tall towering trees in the park complement the azure sky, while the Dutch windmills by the lake rotate with the wind, giving a feeling of being in Northern Europe. On the northwest corner, the beach is a different sight, with white sand stretching and hot waves, resembling a tropical paradise. In addition, popular activities such as real-life CS and outdoor barbecues are available. This vast artificial forest park has become a paradise in the hearts of Shanghai people. Ticket: 40 yuan/person. Transportation: Take the Shenchong Line from the North District Bus Station, the Nandong Line from Chongming South Gate Bus Station, or the Nanjiang Line to reach Dongping Forest.

Shengsi Archipelago

Stay in Shanghai for too long, it seems I almost forgot there is such a beautiful island nearby. Shengsi Archipelago has beaches, coral reefs, caves, and dangerous peaks. What's more rare is that the air and seafood here is really good. More than 95% of the air quality here is excellent, making it difficult to find a comparable city in the Jiangnan region. Recommended tour route: From the farthest point, visit Liujingtan (the eastern end of the island), then return to Dashan on the way, then go to Nanchangtutu Beach and finally to Jihu Beach. Accommodation can be near Jihu Beach or Caiyuan Town.