Yangshuo Travel Guide

Still worried about how to travel to Yangshuo? Come and check out this travel guide, which covers everything from eating, accommodation to entertainment in Yangshuo. Come and be inspired!

Moon Hill is a unique scenic spot in Yangshuo, located at the end of the Ten-Mile Gallery. It is an arch-shaped mountain peak with a large hole through the top, resembling a bright moon. The shape of this hole changes from different angles, which is very interesting.
Drifting is a recommended way to explore the Yu Long River. Enjoy the picturesque scenery while floating on a bamboo raft.
West Street is an old street with a history of over 1400 years. The buildings along the street still retain the styles of the Ming and Qing dynasties in northern Guangxi, exuding a classical charm. It is famous for its diverse bars, restaurants, and cafes, which are artistic by day and bustling at night.

Ten-li Corridor

The Ten-Mile Gallery is a scenic area located on a section of the 321 National Road, south of Yangshuo City. The mountains on both sides are continuous, creating picturesque scenery. The Ten-Mile Gallery is a stretch of road paved with asphalt, and many people choose to explore it by cycling. Pedaling the bicycle pedals lightly, they can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the road while breathing in the fresh air, feeling great.
Laozhai Mountain attracts many photography enthusiasts despite its steep terrain. With an altitude of over 300 meters, it may not be high, but it has more than 1,100 steps.
Xingping Ancient Town is located on the banks of the Li River in the northern part of Yangshuo. It is a ancient town with a history of over 1,700 years. Today, the town still retains ancient streets, bridges, a theater, temples, and other attractions. At the riverside of the town, there is a dock for bamboo rafting, where you can take a boat to visit the "Reflections of Yellow Cloth", which is also the background design of the twenty yuan banknote.

Liu Jie Beer Fish Music Restaurant (Old Shop)

Beer fish is made and killed fresh, offering a great taste at an affordable price, with healthy condiments.