Lingchuan has beautiful and less well-known tourist spots

I don't want to go to crowded popular attractions, so come to these places in Lingchuan. These attractions not only have fewer people but also have beautiful scenery, giving you a different experience!

Ocean Township is known as the "number one village of ginkgo trees in the world", and it becomes a popular gathering place for photographers every November.
Jiangtouzhou Ancient Residential Buildings are located in Jiangtouzhou Village, Jiuwu Town, Lingchuan County, 32 kilometers north of Guilin City. They have a history of more than 1000 years.

Longmen Waterfall Scenic Area

Guilin Longmen Waterfall Scenic Area is located in Pantou Village, Dongyuan Village, Qingshitan, Lingchuan County, 55 kilometers away from Guilin City. Longmen Waterfall consists of multiple levels of waterfalls and combines ecological tourism, environmental protection tourism, national customs, local cuisine, and agricultural sightseeing.
More and more people go to the coastal town to admire the ginkgo leaves every autumn. More and more hiking enthusiasts who like to explore ancient places come to Huamei Alley village.

Great Wilderness

Known as the "natural oxygen bar", Daying Yao Ethnic Town in Lingchuan County, Guangxi, is located in the southeast of Guilin City, 45 kilometers away from the city. The wild Shen River runs through the town with lush primitive forests, towering mountains, abundant flora and fauna, plentiful water resources, and numerous waterfalls, making it an excellent place for ecotourism.