I live in Hohhot and have tasted authentic Mongolian food here

These selected hotels are all located among authentic local cuisine. Try Mongolian food and savor the beautiful scenery! It is a must-have experience when you visit Hohhot.

Zhaojun Grand Hotel, Hohhot

Located in a bustling urban area with numerous attractions nearby.

Wanda Vista Inner Mongolia Hotel, Hohhot

Located on Xinhua East Street, convenient transportation to major tourist attractions and business districts.

Hohhot Inner Mongolia restaurant

The hotel has a prime location and is a "Chinese grassland culture-themed hotel."

Inner Mongolia Wulan Grand Hotel

Have various rooms, luxurious and comfortable, spacious and bright.

Hohhot Shuimu Nianhua (Yangguang) Hotel

A hotel that combines accommodations, business meetings, dining, and leisure.

Hohhot Anjie Garden Hotel

A Taiwanese boutique hotel in Hohhot City, with comfortable and cozy rooms.